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Brake Rotors

Showing 1 - 20 of 1997 products
Repco Armour Brake Rotor Vented 254.8mm
Repco Brake Rotor 274mm x 22 min - RBR9950
TRW Disc Brake Rotor 320mm x 20.4 Min - DF4212S
Repco Armour Brake Rotor Vented 301.8mm
Repco Armour Brake Rotor Vented 278mm
Repco Brake Rotor 291.8mm x 14 min - RBR9877
TRW Disc Brake Rotor 231mm x 15 Min - DF7134S
Repco Brake Rotor 259.5mm x 8 min - RBR7168
Repco Brake Rotor 320mm x 28 Min - RBR9660
Repco Brake Rotor 260mm x 8mm Min - RBR9511
TRW Disc Brake Rotor 258mm x 9 min - DF1406S
TRW Brake Rotor 308mm x 14 Min - DF4353S
Repco Armour Brake Rotor Vented 307.8mm
Repco Brake Rotor 278.7mm x 28 min - RBR9728
Repco Brake Rotor 298mm OD x 26mm Min - RBR504
Repco Brake Rotor 328mm x 24 min - RBR9108
Repco Brake Rotor 314mm OD x 23mm Min - RBR4866
TRW Disc Brake Rotor 255mm x 23 Min - DF4877S
Repco Brake Rotor 288mm x 22 min - RBR802
TRW Disc Brake Rotor 286.8mm x 14.5 Min - DF7097S
Showing 1 - 20 of 1997 products

Stop with confidence using the best names in brake rotors at Repco

Find the right disc rotors for your driving style at Repco

No matter what you drive and what driving style you employ, here at Repco we have the great range and leading brands when it comes to brake rotors. Offering drilled rotors, slotted brake rotors, a combination of drilled and slotted rotors or just a solid rotor, we can give you that confident stopping power that comes with good brake pads and quality disc brakes. Stocking such brands as Bendix, TRW, DBA, and our own Repco brake rotors provides that sure braking performance you need.

What do brake rotors do?

Much like the traditional brake on a bicycle rim, the brake rotor is there to enable the brake pads within the brake caliper to clamp the rotor surface and turn kinetic energy / forward momentum into thermal energy / heat.

What are the differences in brake rotors?

As mentioned above there are a few variants of brake rotor and all have their benefits based on what you drive and how you drive it.

  • A drilled rotor comprises a number of drilled holes in the rotor to dissipate heat.
  • Vented rotors have integrated vanes to channel hot gases away from the rotor also for heat dissipation.
  • Drilled and slotted rotors are a combination of the 2 and provide even greater venting of hot gases to provide improved stopping power.
  • Lastly, we have solid rotors that have neither holes drilled or slots for ventilation.

What brake rotors are best for my car?

Keeping your brakes cool and away from high heat is integral to a solid braking force but what should you buy?

It all depends on what you drive and how you drive it. Whilst excessive heat is the enemy of any effective brake setup, for a brake pad and brake rotor to work effectively they still need sufficient heat. Excessive and prolonged heat will lead to brake fade, boiling brake fluid and the possibility of cracking and wear on the structural integrity of your rotors.

For most driving conditions a solid rotor or slotted rotors would provide the solid brake pedal and stopping power you would require. With a suitable disc brake pad fitted these will perform well in rainy conditions or dry.

Those drivers that seek to use their vehicles at high speeds and thereby necessitate increase stopping power you would look to use drilled brake rotors or the combined drilled and slotted rotor options. The additional weight and holes / grooves on these brakes provide greater friction when the pads clamp but wear out brake pads faster and require you to replace both the brake pads and brake rotor sooner.

Shop the full range of brake rotors at Repco

For the daily grocery getter to the high-performance track cars, here at Repco, we offer a vast range of exceptional brake rotors to suit most applications whether it be on the road, on the track or 4x4 we have a solution for you.

Stocking not just quality brake rotors we also have everything to stop you safely

Shop our ranges of not just brake rotors but brake pads, brake fluid, braking tools, brake hoses and brake wear sensors to provide that reliable stopping power when you need it.

We even stock wheel cleaner to keep the brake dust from your shiny wheels!

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