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Manifold Gaskets

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Permaseal Inlet Manifold Gasket - MG3631
Permaseal Plenum Gasket - MS3584
Permaseal Manifold Gasket - MG3206
Permaseal Manifold Gasket - JA955
Permaseal Exhaust Manifold Gasket - MS3928
Permaseal Plenum Manifold Gasket - MG3060
Permaseal Manifold Gasket - MG3015

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Permaseal Manifold Gasket - JD375
Permaseal Mpackdsm 100*150 T1659 - MP1156
Permaseal Manifold Gasket - HA048
Permaseal Manifold Gasket - MG3210
Permaseal Manifold Gasket - MG3248
Permaseal Exhaust Manifold Gasket - MG3498
Permaseal Exhaust Manifold Gasket - MG3563
ACL Manifold Gasket - JD049
Payen Manifold Gasket - JC132
Permaseal Plenum Chamber Manifold Gasket - MS3694
Permaseal Exhaust Manifold Gasket - MG0006SS
Permaseal Inlet Manifold Gasket - MG3289
Showing 1 - 19 of 1288 products

Manifold Gaskets (Intake & Exhaust)

Intake and Exhaust manifold gaskets seal intake and exhaust ports on the cylinder head. They both do the same job though one needs to cope with extreme heat & pressure while the other deals with cooler mixes of air and fuel. A good seal is important for both. The gaskets are precision cut so an exact fit is expected and there is no need for messy form a gasket solutions. Not that there is anything wrong with a good form a gasket solution.

Popular Questions Asked

How can I tell if my Manifold Gasket is leaking?

Intake Manifold Gasket - Stalling or rough idling as additional air is being sucked into the engine that the computer has not allowed for. It can impact acceleration and cause a reduction in performance and fuel economy. You may be able to hear it.

Exhaust Manifold Gasket - Ticking or tapping sound when you first start the engine. As it warms up it will reduce or disappear. The exhaust will leave staining where it is leaking. Impact on performance is not as bad as the intake, though fuel economy may suffer.

What causes Manifold Gaskets to fail?

Can be various reasons for both intake and exhaust. The cylinder head they are connected to expands and contracts everytime you drive due to the heat generated by the combustion process and is the hottest part of the engine. This continued expanding/contracting can cause an eventual failure. As can incorrectly tightened bolts or they can loosen due to expansion, contraction and vibration.

Is it easy to replace a Manifold Gasket?

Manifold gaskets, whether exhaust or intake are not complex things to replace. They can be very time consuming as you may need to remove a lot of items to get to them. Before doing the job it is a good idea to see what needs to be removed. You may find buying a gasket kit may not be a bad idea. That way you can renew a number of gaskets and may be cure some minor leaks at the same time.

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