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Hose Clamps & Hose Connectors

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Tridon Hose Clamp 11-22mm Stainless Steel - HS006P
Gates T Connector 3/4in. 19mm  - 28635EA
Ryco Connectors for Fuel Water Separator Hose - MS4023
Tridon Hose Clamp 12-14mm Nut and Bolt Solid Band - NA1214P
Repco Hose Clamp 51-76mm - RIHC40
Repco Hose Clamp 6-16mm - RMIHC4
Tridon Hose Clamp 13-15mm Nut and Bolt Solid Band - NA1315P

Repco Petrol & Diesel Injector Cleaner

Restore lost power and boost fuel economy when adding Repco Fuel Injector Cleaner next time you fill up.

Tridon Hose Clamp 14-27mm Stainless Steel - MAH010P
Repco Hose Clamp 57-82mm - RIHC44
Gates T Connector 3/32in. 2.4mm  - 28581EA
Tridon Hose Clamp 11-18mm Stainless Steel - MAH005P
Tridon Hose Clamp 9-11mm Nut and Bolt Solid Band - NA0911P
Tridon Hose Clamp 14-16mm Nut and Bolt Solid Band - NA1416P
Repco Hose Clamp 13-27mm - RIHC10
Ideal Hose Clamp 13-32mm - 5712
Repco Hose Clamp 7-17mm - RMIHC5
Repco Hose Clamp 18-38mm - RIHC16
Repco Hose Clamp 10-25mm - RMIHC8
Tridon Hose Clamp 6-16mm Perforated Band Part Stainless Steel - MH004C
Showing 1 - 19 of 381 products

When it definitely has to hold, trust the great range of automotive hose clamps from Repco

As possibly one of the cheapest critical components on your vehicle, there's no excuse to use second-hand or inferior hose clamps when working on your vehicle. Designed to securely hold coolant pressure, fuel pressure, turbo or vacuum pressure, the right hose clamp is vital to enable your vehicle to safely operate. Repco's range of quality hose clamps comes from reputable brands such as Tridon, Ideal, and Gates to provide a multitude of clamping options to ensure any hose is securely fastened.

Popular Questions Asked

What does a hose clamp do?

Whilst known by many different names, these all accomplish the same basic task but in a variety of different formats. A hose clamp's primary function is to prevent fluid from running out from your hoses or any other application. A clamp is designed to secure a hose over a fitting in your vehicle, for example, a barb or a spigot. They provide constant tension and adequate clamping force at all times to ensure no fluid escapes when your vehicle is running.

What are the different hose clamps?

As hose clamps are used on all different appliances here at Repco, we offer different hose clamps to suit different jobs. Due to the different conditions these components face, hose clamps are usually designed with part or all stainless steel and come with various formats to ensure they seal and hold pressure as required. Some of the hose clamps that most cars use today are:

  • EFI hose clamps - these are used in higher pressure items, they are smaller versions of a traditional perforated hose clamp, they are usually used on fuel hose. This is designed to prevent perforations or damage to the soft rubber whilst on the fuel hose.
  • Turbo hose clamps - is also commonly referred to as a T bolt clamp for its use of a bolted fastener to apply significant clamping force and uniform tension around the whole diameter of the hose. These are commonly used on turbo boosters to ensure the clamp holds pressure whilst the turbo delivers air to the intake manifold without any leaks.
  • Perforated / worm drive hose clamps - these clamps are used on most cooling hoses that run through the engine bay. They are sold in a variety of sizes and are commonly used on radiator hoses.

What quality does Repco offer when it comes to hose clamps?

When it comes to your vehicle, it is important to invest in quality to ensure safe motoring and longevity for your car. After 100 years of supplying auto parts to the motoring public, we always endeavour to offer long-lasting, unparalleled solutions. Sometimes the smallest parts are often overlooked in your engine bay and, if untouched, can cause you a bigger headache than big engine components. Don't be left on the side of the road due to a faulty hose clamp, get into a store today to get the right replacement.

Our hose clamps are manufactured to meet and exceed the OEM specifications and guidelines. Our range of hose clamps feature:

  • Strength and protection against corrosion.
  • Uniform sealing pressure.
  • Made from quality steel to ensure the durability of the hose clamp.

Keep your coolant and fuel system flowing with hose clamps

If it is time to get a replacement hose clamp for your vehicles, choose Repco. Here at Repco, we strive to provide you with the best when it comes to servicing parts for your vehicle. Select the correct parts for your car under the one roof using our online vehicle shop or via phone. With stores across Australia and New Zealand, never be left wondering. Get in-store with confidence, knowing we have competitive prices on the various sizes of hose clamps and auto parts.

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