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Exhaust Mounts & Clamps

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Exhaust Wrap Black 50mmx10m Long - MGP-9091A
Titanium Lava Exhaust Heat Wrap 10 Mtrs Long - MGP-9091F
Champion Flange Nut Pack 5 x 25 - FBM14
CLAMP 5 1/8
Champion Flange Nut Pack 8 x 20 - FBM47
Permaseal Turbo Gasket Set - TK005
Champion Flange Nut Pack 10 x 40 x 1.25 - FBM107
Kelpro Exhaust Support Hanger - KHR101
Repco Tailpipe Expander - RST50
Champion Flange Nut Pack 8 x 40 - FBM55
Champion Manifold Stud & Nut 3/8in. x 2in. UNC - BH290
Autometer Tube Nut Male Thread 3/8x24 - AM5555
Champion Flange Nut Pack 8 x 50 - FBM57
Champion Flange Nut Pack 5 x 16 - FBM12
Showing 1 - 20 of 255 products

Exhaust Mounts & Clamps

Something is needed to hold an exhaust system up off the road and away from other vehicle parts like suspension and fluid lines. Exhaust hangers, studs and clamps have this covered. They perform the heavy lifting and keep the exhaust where it is supposed to be. Hangers have changed from flexible straps to thick rubber blocks. From using nuts and bolts to a slip on slip off ends.

The modern exhausts have hooks welded on them to hold the rubber hangers away from the hot pipe. This makes it a lot easier for the hanger to survive as they are away from the direct heat. Studs and nuts have been around since the 1900's and are a good solid connector for exhaust manifolds to cylinder heads and exhaust manifolds to the exhaust pipes.

Popular Questions Asked

What is an Exhaust Clamp?

Exhaust clamps are a U shaped rod threaded at both ends. A clamp piece which is radiused on the inside edge to match that of the U shapes inner curve slides over the threaded ends. When clamped down with a pair of nuts and washers it fits nicely around a pipe. They are sized to suit certain diameter exhaust pipes.

Exhaust clamps perform 2 roles.

  • They clamp 2 pieces of interlocking exhaust pipe together. One end of the pipe has been opened so the other will slide into it. It is then clamped to stop it coming apart.
  • They can be used to hold an exhaust onto a hanger designed for that type of clamp. Keeps the exhaust away from things it shouldn't touch.

How can I tell if an Exhaust Hanger/Support has failed?

If an exhaust hanger/Support fails, which happens as they are rubber and can crack and split, then you will get an exhaust rattle. It may not be there all the time but it will be noticeable. The exhaust is no longer held as securely as before and it will on occasions hit the underbody or suspension due to the failed hanger causing the rattle. It needs to be fixed as it may cause other problems if not addressed. They are not expensive to replace.

What can I use to hold up a dropped Exhaust?

If your exhaust has dropped and you need to hold it up in an emergency uninsulated wire works well. Not too thick as you need to be able to bend it hand. It can take heat and when you twist and wrap it around it stays put.

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