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Oxygen Sensors

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Fuelmiser Oxygen Sensor - COS1033
Fuelmiser Oxygen Sensor - COS1018
Fuelmiser Oxygen Sensor - COS861
Tridon Oxygen Sensor - TOS061
Genuine OEM Oxygen Sensor - OX827GEN
Fuelmiser Oxygen Sensor - COS1340
Fuelmiser Oxygen Sensor - COS771

Motortech Brake Cleaner 400g

A fast-drying solution that cleans brake components and parts without the need for disassembly.

Goss Oxygen Sensor - OX769
Goss Oxygen Sensor - OX481
Fuelmiser Oxygen Sensor - COS730
Fuelmiser Oxygen Sensor - COS895
Fuelmiser Oxygen Sensor - COS836
NTK Oxygen Sensor - AFR722-EE24
Fuelmiser Oxygen Sensor - COS1129
Goss Oxygen Sensor - OX653
NTK Oxygen Sensor - OZA723-EE89
NTK Oxygen Sensor - OZA668-EE60
Fuelmiser Oxygen Sensor - COS1060
Fuelmiser Oxygen Sensor - COS745
Showing 1 - 19 of 1033 products

Repco have the best range of oxygen sensors at the best prices

Optimal engine performance comes from the precise air fuel ratio being ignited at the exact time to maximise combustion. The oxygen sensors in your vehicle measure this ratio and work with the engine computer to meter the fuel mixture entering the combustion chamber. Too much fuel leads to increased fuel consumption and poor fuel economy whilst a lean fuel mixture creates increased engine temperature and decreased engine performance.

Symptoms of a failing oxygen sensor

In most cases the check engine light will be illuminated to advise of a bad oxygen sensor however this could also mean a variety of issues also associated with a faulty o2 sensor. Rough idling and engine running, misfiring spark plugs, lack of power and significantly increased fuel consumption are just some of the noticeable symptoms displayed when an oxygen sensor is failing so a replacement O2 sensor is a good place to start in rectifying these issues.

A blocked catalytic converter in the exhaust system could be another byproduct of when an oxygen sensor fails so it pays to attend to this issue as these components are expensive to replace.

Where are the oxygen sensors located?

Most modern cars will have multiple oxygen sensors located in the exhaust system of their vehicle. Measuring exhaust gases at various points in the exhaust stream will transmit the sensor output to the engine control module to provide the necessary information related to the unburned oxygen in the exhaust gas. The ecu adjusts to these oxygen content readings and meters the correct fuel ratio into the vehicle's engine.

How to diagnose a faulty oxygen sensor

Modern cars will house a OBD2 port to enable vehicle diagnostics to be undertaken by way of an OBD2 scanner. Repco stock a range of quality OBD2 scanners that can provide critical engine details and will highlight not just a faulty oxygen sensor but which oxygen sensor may have failed. With multiple elements in the emissions control system it is vitally important to correctly diagnose where the problem lies. The investment in the diagnostic capabilities of a car monitor such as an OBD2 scanner pays dividends when looking to optimise your vehicle's engine and performance

Repco stock more than just replacement oxygen sensors

Shop not only a great range of sensors but replacement spark plugs, catalytic converters and a wide variety of critical ignition components to ensure your vehicle performs at it's peak. Whether shopping online or at your local Repco store we have the widest variety of car parts for vehicles.

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