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Outdoor Power Equipment

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Milwaukee M12 Compact Blower (Tool only) - M12BBL-0
Milwaukee M18 FUEL Line Trimmer Attachment - M18FOPH-LTA
Milwaukee M18 FUEL Edger Attachment - M18FOPH-EA
Milwaukee M18 FUEL Outdoor Power Head - M18FOPH-0
Milwaukee M18 FUEL Articulating Hedge Trimmer Attachment - M18FOPH-HTA
Milwaukee M18 FUEL Blower (Tool only) - M18FBL-0

Repco Petrol & Diesel Injector Cleaner

Restore lost power and boost fuel economy when adding Repco Fuel Injector Cleaner next time you fill up.

Milwaukee M18 FUEL Pole Saw Attachment - M18FOPH-CSA
Milwaukee M18 Compact Blower (Tool only) - M18BBL-0
Milwaukee M18 FUEL 16In Chainsaw Kit - M18FCHS-121B
Milwaukee M18 FUEL Hedge Trimmer (Tool only) - M18CHT-0
Milwaukee M18 FUEL Extension Attachment - M18FOPH-EXA
Milwaukee M18 FUEL 16in Chainsaw (Tool only) - M18FCHS-0
Milwaukee M18 FUEL Line Trimmer (Tool only) - M18CLT-0
Showing 1 - 14 of 14 products

Keep your greenery in check with Outdoor Power Equipment

Shop Outdoor Power Equipment

Whether you have a garage, shed or workshop they all sit on a block of land that has an outdoor area attached to it. To help keep this "greenery" area looking clean and tidy, Repco stock the Milwaukee brand of outdoor power equipment. Their expertise in portable power tools is one of the best in the industry.

What does Outdoor Power Equipment do?

Outdoor power equipment gives you the ability to keep the outdoor area around your garage, shed or workshop clean and tidy. Whether blowing leaves or grass clippings, trimming shrubs or bushes, pruning or cutting down trees or stopping nature take over your path or driveway we have the tools and equipment needed for the job. They complement your lawn mower by making all the other "green" jobs simple and easy.

Why do I need Outdoor Power Equipment?

Being battery powered there is no need to worry about storing petrol and issues like, has it gone off, what is the mix ratio for 2 stroke, do I have the oil for the mix? The only thing you need to worry about is a flat battery. If you keep a spare you can always have one ready to go. A quick run through of the products we have are:

  • Chainsaw & Hatchet Saw - The chainsaw with the 16" bar will get through some pretty big timber and the smaller hatchet saw is a mini chain saw perfect for pruning branches.
  • Hedge Trimmer & Articulating Hedge Trimmer - Keep those shrubs, bushes and hedges neat and in check with these two trimmers.
  • Line trimmer, with or without power head to add accessories & Edger - The line trimmer is the workhorse of gardening tools and can be used as a lawn mower as well as an edger. The edger requires the power head and works well on thick built up edges that a line trimmer would struggle to do.
  • Blowers - Another universal tool. A couple of different styles and types. Can be used inside the workshop or outside.

Our Range of Milwaukee Outdoor Power Equipment

Make Repco your one stop shop for outdoor power equipment. We are a Milwaukee dealer so please take the time and search the large range on our web site or in-store. If you need to service or repair a product we can get in the parts you need. With over 400 stores across Australia we are bound to have one located near you.

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