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When looking for the best suspension parts, shop at Repco

Car suspension is optimum to vehicle handling, so stay safe and choose from the widest range of suspension parts

Whether double wishbone suspension, independent suspension or any configuration of your suspension system it is integral that they all work in unison to provide both comfort but also maintain contact and road holding of your vehicle in any condition and on any road surface.

Your car's suspension is tailored to your vehicle and whether front wheel drive vehicles or rear wheel drive you will have a number of critical components to ensure you stay connected to the road.

Popular Questions Asked

What are parts on suspension?

Coil springs, leaf springs and shock absorbers are three types of commonly known components yet there are a multitude of other parts that make up these systems on your vehicle. Sway bars, torsion bars, ball joints and control arms all make up the vital links between the vehicle frame and the wheels. Rear suspension on many trucks and commercial vehicles still comprise a solid axle and leaf springs yet many modern vehicles utilise two wishbone shaped arms on both front and rear axles to provide good handling and minimise the ability for your wheels to lose contact with the road surface.

What are 5 suspension parts that are known to fail?

In an effort to reduce weight and accentuate suspension response, a lighter suspension system is found in modern vehicles as opposed to the heavier leaf spring and dampers that have been present in older vehicles. Suspension parts such as shock absorber, coil springs, sway bar links, suspension bushes and ball joints are all considered components that will need replacing during the life of the vehicle and especially more so when the vehicle is used in rough terrain.

Due to the mounting positions of these components they are subject to not just the friction and movement of the suspension but also to the heat, mud, rain and road grime that is present. These elements adversely affect rubber bushings and also metal over time to decrease performance and lead to part failure.

What parts of my suspension should I replace?

Most suspension parts are built to survive a large amount of time doing normal day to day commuting but if operating outside of these conditions it is not unusual to have to replace or upgrade components when necessary and as required. Bumps that the wheel hits transmit through to control arms causing them to sometimes bend as well as sending this shock through the steering system to the driver.

Some of the easiest suspension parts of a car to change over are the struts and shock absorbers as well as strut mounts and suspension bushes. These all contribute to firmer suspension travel and greater response from steering systems.

When it comes time to replace or upgrade any of your cars suspension then stop in at Repco for quality suspension parts. Improve ride comfort, steering response and handling as well as traction with quality suspension components from Repco.

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