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Rust Converters

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CRC Rust Converter Aerosol 425g - 14610
Metal Rescue Rust Removal Gel 500g - MRGEL-500
Omega Rust Converter Primer Sealer 250ml - AA-RCP250ML
CRC Bright Zinc Rust Protection 400ml - 2087
CRC Zinc It Weld Through Rust Protection Aerosol 350g - 2085
CRC Evaporust Super Safe Rust Remover RTU 5L - EVR5
Krylon Rust Protector Gloss Clear 340g - 69019

Motortech Brake Cleaner 400g

A fast-drying solution that cleans brake components and parts without the need for disassembly.

Dupli-Color Rust Destroying Coating 290g - RF129
CRC Black Zinc Rust Protection 400ml Black - 2089
Dirty Steve Radical Rust Protection Spray 750ml - DS1020
CRC Rust Converter 1L - 18418
CRC Clear Zinc Coating Rust Protection 400ml - 2102
Omega Deoxidiser & Rust Remover 250ml - AA-RR250ML
Omega Rust Converter Primer Sealer Spray 400g - AA-RCP400G
Omega Deoxidiser & Rust Remover 500ml - AA-RR500ML
CRC Evapo-Rust Spray Gel Rust Remover 500G - 1753336
Omega Fish Oil Spray 400g - AA-FO400G
Krylon Rust Protector Flat White 340g - 69034
CRC Zinc Blaster Rust Protection 500ml - 2130
Showing 1 - 19 of 39 products

Rusted surfaces are no match for the rust converter range at Repco

Shop for the best brands of rust remover and rust converter

One of the most common forms of iron oxide is rust and when working on cars or spending any amount of time with tools or metal surfaces exposed to the elements you will come into contact with plenty of rusty surfaces.

Save yourself the headaches and don't be cutting out large sections of sheet metal dotted with surface rust, when with a quality rust converter from Repco you can limit further corrosion and turn any rusted surface into a solid base to apply a primer coating to. Repco's range of rust converters come from such trusted brands as CRC, Lanotec and Balchan, giving you the confidence of a proper repair with a minimum of fuss.

Iron Oxide is a dirty word when it comes to car maintenance and restoration

Playing with older cars and sooner or later you will come across existing rust that is going to be a task to remove. We all don't have access to plasma cutters and welders to replace rusted surfaces with new bare metal, so we resort to a wire brush or mechanical sander to be removing rust and rust scale.

Cleaning these surfaces is the first step but then you will need a protective primer layer to stabilise the surface, and this is where applying rust converter comes in.

Through a simple one step application the chemical reaction of the rust converter turns any remaining iron oxide into a hard black coat that is resistant to moisture and prevents further rusting of the surface. From here you can then apply a primer and top coat of paint to shield it from other contaminants.

Rust converters are you best defence in holding back the dreaded tin worm

To effectively conduct any rust treatment you need to ensure all flaking rust, dirt, oil, and grease has been removed to ensure the rust converter sufficiently converts rust.

Whilst always ensuring adequate personal protective gear is worn, especially safety glasses and thick chemical resistant gloves, most rust converters you buy are water based with tannic acid as the active ingredient. This means to apply the rust converter it will be sprayed on and left to penetrate any existing rust. Also ensure the surface temperature of the metal being treated is neither not to hot nor too cold to enable the chemical reaction to adequately occur.

Repco are your one stop shop for panel repair and rust converters

Whether on the car, treating iron railings or applied to cast iron our range of rust converters take out the hassle in repairing rusty surfaces.

Stocking not just the best in rust converters we also have a vast range of panel prep and panel repair products to enable you to tackle the toughest bodywork and paint challenges. If your skills up to task we also stock a great range of welders to enable fresh metal to replace those corroded and rusted surfaces.

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