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Polishing Pads

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Meguiar's DA 6in 150mm Foam Finishing Pad - DFP6
Meguiar's DA 6in 150mm Foam Cutting Pad - DFC6
Mothers Wax Attack Grey Polishing Pad
Meguiar's DA Power System 4in 100mm Polishing Pad - 2Pk - G3508
Milwaukee M12 Polisher 87mm Lambs Wool Polishing Pad - 4932430838

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Milwaukee M12 Polisher Backing Pad 74mm - 4932430488
Meguiar's DA 6in 150mm Foam Finishing Pad - DFF6
Meguiar's DA 5in 125mm Microfibre Cutting Pads - 2 Pk - DMC5
Meguiar's DA Power System 4in 100mm Cutting Pad - 2Pk - G3507
Meguiar's DA 5.5in 140mm Microfibre Finishing Pads - 2 Pk - DMF5
Meguiar's DA Power System 4in 100mm Waxing Pad - 2Pk - G3509
Showing 1 - 13 of 13 products

Repco stock a wide variety of polishing pads

Stocking the best polishing pads from Rupes, Meguiars and Josco

When looking for a smooth glassy paint finish or brilliant shiny chrome you can trust Repco to provide the best in car polishing pads at a great price.

Whether looking for lambs wool or sheepskin pads for paint correction through to a foam polishing pad for the final finish we know that providing the right buffing pad for your particular application makes all the difference to the final outcome.

What are the best polishing pads to use?

Being confronted by red, white or yellow pads, coupled with foam, microfiber or wool makes it a difficult decision even before you look to purchase a suitable polishing compound for the job at hand.

A sheepskin or wool pad are highly aggressive pads used for cutting or heavy compounding and are perfect for removing extreme swirls or oxidation on very hard paint. These pads remove heavy oxidation much better than foam pads and generates less heat resulting in a cooler surface. That said, wool is also safer to use on heat sensitive parts of your car such as bumpers and spoilers. Be wary however that heavy handed use or an inexperienced operator can easily produce swirl and burn marks in the paint.

Foam cutting pads are used for non-aggressive cutting (moderate cut compared to wool pads) and are suitable for removing buffing swirls or trails, oxidation and scratches.

Foam polishing pads are used for paint cleaning, remove swirl marks, light scratches, fine sanding scratches, and other defects in your car's paint. Due to their composition and texture they are more forgiving to novice polishers yet still produce great results.

Foam finishing pads provides very little or no cut. They are designed for applying pure polish, wax, glazes, and sealant without marring the paint and produce a high gloss show car shine finish.

When choosing the proper pad for cutting or polishing, always make sure you match the aggressiveness of the compound/polish you are using with the aggressiveness of the pad. A mismatched combination creates unneeded work and waste your time and product, so make sure you have the right pad and polish for the job.

Repco have all your polishing needs at hand at the best prices

Whether starting your car detailing journey or a seasoned professional Repco have the car detailing products to suit. Our range of car polishers, air driers or ceramic paint protection help turn out a show car quality finish in no time and with a minimum of fuss and effort.

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