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Jumper Leads & Booster Cables

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Repco Jumper Leads 400A with LED Lights 2.5m - RBCBL400S2
Repco Jumper Leads 200A with LED Lights 2.5m - RBCBL200S2
Mechpro Jumper Leads 200A 2.5m - MPBCBL200S2
Repco Jumper Leads 750A 3.5m - RBCBL750S2
PowerTrain Jumper Leads 900A Surge Protected 3.5m - BC900SP
Matson Jumper Leads 400A Surge Protected 2.4m - MASS100AZ
Projecta Jumper Leads 600A Surge Protected 3.5m - SB600SP

Repco Petrol & Diesel Injector Cleaner

Restore lost power and boost fuel economy when adding Repco Fuel Injector Cleaner next time you fill up.

OEX Jumper Leads 4m - ACX0496
OEX Jumper Leads 750A 4m - ACX0502
Matson Jumper Leads 750A Surge Protected 4m - MA354AZ
Mechpro Jumper Leads 400A 2.5m - MPBCBL400
Thunder Jumper Leads To Suit TDR02001 2m - TDR02002
Projecta Jumper Leads 750A Surge Protected 6m - SB750-60SP
Narva Jumper Leads Surge Protected 3.7m - BC50MM
Projecta Jumper Leads 750A Surge Protected 3.5m - SB750SP
Projecta Jumper Leads 1000A Surge Protected 6m - NB100060SP
OEX Jumper Leads 900A 4m - ACX0497
Matson Jumper Leads 1000A Surge Protected 4m - MA654AZ
Projecta Jumper Leads 900A Surge Protected 6m - SB900-60SP
Showing 1 - 19 of 23 products

Jumper Leads & Booster Cables- Start me up!

Shop Jumper Leads & Booster Cables

Don't get caught short, be prepared. Jump starting a car is a breeze when you have the right equipment at your fingertips. Repco's range of quality and reliable booster cables or jumper leads will ensure you are prepared for any battery emergency. We have the some solid brands like Mechpro, Projecta & Repco.

Popular Questions Asked

What do Jumper Leads & Booster Cables do?

Jumper Leads and Booster Cables are used to start a vehicle that has a battery in poor condition or flat. To do this you need a vehicle that is running and you connect the two batteries together using the Jumper Leads or Booster Cables. This causes extra power to flow from the running vehicle to the vehicle with the bad or flat battery. The additional power helps start the vehicle. Once running the Jumper Leads or Booster Cables can be removed. The vehicle with the bad battery runs OK as the alternator has taken over from the battery once the engine starts.

Why do I need Jumper Leads or Booster Cables?

Jumper Leads and Booster Cables are like an insurance policy. Nice to have but you hope you don't need to use them. They are a handy item to leave tucked up in the boot. If your battery lets you down you can get someone to jump start you and get you back on your way. You could be the good samaritan and help jump start someone else.

What size Jumper Leads should I buy?

When selecting jumper leads the amps (amperage) are an important guide. It is to do with engine size. The bigger the engine is the more power a battery needs to start it. Batteries are rated in CCA (Cold Cranking Amps) and the bigger the engine the greater the CCA number. Most quality jumper leads will give you a guide on the packaging as to what size engine they can start.

Leads are made from copper as it is a great conductor of electricity. The thicker the lead the more electricity or Amps can flow through it. The bigger the cars engine, the more heavy duty the leads need to be to start it, which in turn means they cost more money to buy. Long leads create more resistance to the flow of electricity so most jumper leads are short which requires the vehicles to be parked close together. Note that due to their design a smaller diesel engine may need the same size leads to start it as a larger petrol engine.

How do I use my Jumper Leads?

There are a few simple rules to follow when using jumper cables on a car battery. Refer to the vehicle manual which should indicate the type of booster cables required and follow their instructions. Surge protected cables are the best ones to get, especially with modern vehicle electronics. Battery voltage is important. Make sure they are the same in both vehicles. It is usually 12V but trucks and some other large vehicles have 24V systems.

When using booster cables the there are no other tools required, just the leads and the details on how to connect them. There are only 2 cables which are colour coded red for Positive (+) and black for Negative (-). The cables have insulated clamps at both ends for your safety and protection and these are designed to clip onto the battery terminals and a part like an engine block. They have teeth on them to help make good electrical contact as a poor connection is not helpful. Always connect them up in accordance with the vehicle manufacturers instructions.

Our Range of Jumper Leads & Booster Cables

Visit your local Repco store to see our range of Jumper Leads and Booster Cables. Some come in handy containers to make storing them in your vehicle neat and easy. With over 400 stores across Australia, we are bound to have one near you. Jump online and browse the Repco website where you can check the jumper leads and booster cable range for prices and stock availability. If your battery is to far gone, check out our batteries category. Your local Repco store can test the old battery to see if it is OK or needs to be replaced.

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