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Suspension Bushes

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Suspension Bushes

Suspension bushes are the most commonly replaced pieces in a vehicles suspension. They provide an additional buffer to protect the body and cabin from road vibrations and minor bumps. They do this by being made of rubber or polyurethane and can distort to absorb the small imperfections in the roads surface. This also helps protect suspension components from wear and fatigue cracking.

They are designed to be replaced and are relatively cheap compared to major suspension components. Just about every joint or attachment point in the suspension has a bush. The rougher the roads you travel on the more often you need to inspect suspension bushes. They can come in different hardness levels. A weekend track car works better with a hard bush for handling, while a sales rep who is on the road for long periods will want a soft bush for comfort.

Popular Questions Asked

How much does it cost to replace Suspension Bushes?

This can vary a lot depending on the labour required to remove and replace the bush. Some are quite easy and others will require a lot of effort to replace them. You may need a press to push the old bush out and press the new one in.

Some parts of the suspension like springs and shocks require you to replace both right & left sides at the same time. If not, the handling could be compromised. You don't need to with bushes though it is not a bad idea. Chances are if one side is worn out the other side may be not far behind. It does depend on budget. To replace a pair of bushes costs approximately $200 to over $500.

How can I tell if my Suspension Bushes are worn?

A clunk, rattle or squeak is a good way to describe it. Unfortunately, a lot of other suspension components make the same noise when worn. A visual inspection or putting a car on a hoist and checking for play (excess movement) in the bush will confirm the problem.

Do you need a wheel alignment after replacing Suspension Bushes?

In most cases no. If the bushes were badly worn then you may need to have it done.

Can I replace just the Bushes on control arms?

In most cases you can. There are control arms where the bushes can't be removed with the normal mechanics tools. This is more expensive though it means you normally replace 2 , 3 or 4 bushes and may be a ball joint in one go. Even if you wanted to replace the bushes they may not be available as a replacement part. You do save on labour as changing the control arm is quicker than replacing all the bushes. The new control arm comes with the bushes already installed.

The recommendation is if you replace a control arm on one side, replace it on the opposite side as well.

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