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Suspension Components

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SAS Bump Stop - BUMP30
Bush Kit-Subframe Mount - 49169
Nolathane Polyurethane Solid Rod (22mm) - 49080
SAS Bump Stop - BUMP25
SAS Bump Stop - BUMP103
SAS Bump Stop - BUMP201
SAS Bump Stop - BUMP31
SAS Universal Sway Bar Bracket - 6
Monroe Shock Absorber Mount Kit - SM001
Nolathane Front Spring Saddle - 47002A
SAS Bump Stop - BUMP 30
Nolathane Rear lower outer bearing - 46686
Spindle Axle - 041-013312
Nolathane Rear Panhard Rod - 48153
TRW Steering Rack End - JAR7556
SAS Swivel Bush - BU2409
Nolathane Bush Kit (Use 45480A) - 45480
Maxi Trac U-Bolt - 033-UB436
SAS Bump Stop - BUMP20
Nolathane Bush Kit (Use 42923G) - 42923
Showing 1 - 20 of 94 products

Suspension Components

Looking for a camber and caster adjusting kit, camber adjusting bolt, panhard rod, U-Bolts or torsion bars? You have come to the right place.

What are Camber and Caster Adjusting Kits?

Some are designed for the top of a strut so you can get more adjustment than a factory strut. Normally used if you have lowered suspension so you can increase negative camber. On some of the kits you simply change over the stock unit with the new one to give you the additional adjustment you need.

What are Camber Adjusting Bolts?

Simply an eccentric bolt that when turned will adjust the camber on the suspension. There are different variations on the same theme, though they all give the desired result.

What is a Panhard Rod?

Designed to help locate a beam axle, especially when sitting on leaf springs. Leaf springs are so long they can push sideways under load. The panhard rod keeps it located under the vehicle body while still allowing suspension travel.

It is a long straight rod with bushes at each end to help mount it. One end is connected to one side of the body, the other to one side of the beam axle. If the body connection is on the drivers side, the beam axle will be on the passenger side.

Independant rear ends use a watts linkage to do the same job.

What are U-Bolts?

Normally used to locate an axle to a leaf spring. Simply a metal rod bent in a U shape. Each end of the U is threaded so you can screw a nut on it. It clamps the axle to the spring.

What are Torsion Bars?

It does the work of a coil or leaf spring. This is simply a spring steel rod located at one end so it can't move. The opposite end is connected to the suspension. As the suspension hits a bump and pushes up the bar twists. Being spring steel it resists the twist and wants to push the wheel back down. It is designed for droop so as the suspension lowers it will follow the wheel down.

Like a coil spring it is tensioned to give the correct ride height. It can also be used like a shock absorber or to assist in load carrying.

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