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Genuine OEM Map Sensor - MP156GEN
Fuelmiser MAP Sensor - CMS209
Goss MAP Sensor - MP246
Fuelmiser MAP Sensor - CMS253
Goss MAP Sensor - MP241
Goss MAP Sensor - MP186
Fuelmiser MAP Sensor - CMS288

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Fuelmiser MAP Sensor - CMS206
Fuelmiser MAP Sensor - CMS225
Genuine OEM Map Sensor - MP193GEN
Genuine OEM Map Sensor - MP186GEN
Fuelmiser MAP Sensor - CMS280
Fuelmiser MAP Sensor - CMS311
Goss MAP Sensor - MP208
Fuelmiser MAP Sensor - CMS249
Goss MAP Sensor - MP153
Fuelmiser MAP Sensor - CMS273
Fuelmiser MAP Sensor - CMS267
Fuelmiser MAP Sensor - CMS212
Showing 1 - 19 of 161 products

The best MAP sensor range at Repco provides you optimal engine performance.

What is a MAP sensor?

As just one of the many sensors on your vehicle your MAP or Manifold absolute pressure sensor is tasked with providing the engine control module accurate air mass information taken from the intake manifold. This manifold pressure combined with other information enables the engine computer to optimize your fuel injection and provide the best fuel economy and performance.

Popular Questions Asked

Signs of a failing map sensor

As is similar to the oxygen sensors located in your exhaust system, a faulty map sensor will produce poor fuel economy coupled with a rough idle. Poor engine performance may also be noticeable as the air to fuel mix will be lean and causing a lack of power. The check engine light may also become illuminated if the MAP sensor is faulty.

If left over time this increase or decrease in air fuel ratio contributes to incorrect ignition timing. This can lead to issues such as overheating, parts failure or catastrophic engine damage.

Can you drive with a faulty map sensor?

When under engine load the manifold absolute pressure map will be providing less or more fuel when you have a faulty sensor. Although in most case these faulty map sensors won't stop you from driving your vehicle you should attend to these as soon as possible to limit the issues listed above.

Sensor faults are best determined using a scan tool and verifying the relevant error code prior to undertaking replacement. As there are a number of sensors in the intake and exhaust system these all work in unison to provide smooth running and fuel economy.

What is the difference between a MAF and a MAP sensor?

Although these both have their benefits in regards to engine performance it is not unusual for a vehicle manufacturer to utilise both especially in supercharged or turbocharged engines. Manifold absolute pressure sensors are usually mounted on the intake manifold whilst the mass air flow sensor is found directly after the air filter box.

Can you clean a MAP sensor?

Using a suitable aerosol electrical parts cleaner you can spray this into the sensor port and allow to dry. This may dislodge dirt or buildup to enable the sensor to function properly again. When accurately diagnosed and if unable to be cleaned come into Repco to find the right MAP sensor for your vehicle. With the ability to be changed relatively easily a replacement MAP sensor can regain lost fuel economy and engine performance.

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