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Foam Cannons

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Dirty Steve Foaming Gun - DS1001
Chemical Guys Big Mouth Foam Cannon - EQP324
Bowden's Own Snow Blow Cannon - BOCANNON
Eclipse Foaming Spray Gun
Eclipse Premium Car Wash Snow Cannon
Eclipse 4 Piece Snow Cannon Connector and Adaptor Set
Bowden's Own The Frother - BOFROTH

Motortech Brake Cleaner 400g

A fast-drying solution that cleans brake components and parts without the need for disassembly.

Dirty Steve Marine Engine Flush Adapater - DS1013
Meguiar's PR Generic Spray Bottle 946ml - D20100
Meguiar's PR Chemical Resistant Sprayer - D110542
Showing 1 - 10 of 10 products

Shoot that white thick foam all over your vehicle with a foam cannon from Repco

Repco's range of foam cannons make car cleaning a breeze

Armed with your pressure washer and foam cannon attached you can make car washing both fun and easy at the same time.

Designed to lay a thick blanket of snow foam onto your vehicle, this thick foam will both loosen and lift dirt particles and grime to enable gentler hand washing and less chance of scratches and swirlmarks to your vehicle paint.

Do you need a pressure washer and snow cannon adaptor to use a foam cannon?

To enable the thick foam to be generated it needs more water pressure than what your conventional garden hose can provide. Whilst there are some products for sale that do use your garden hose the majority of foam cannons are specifically designed for use with a pressure washer.

Depending on both the foam cannon and the pressure washer you have you may need a specific adaptor to join these together. Repco stock a wide range of snow foam cannon adaptors to ensure you can easily marry one to the other

Can I just hose off my car after applying snow foam?

Whilst many snow foam products are all about a touchless carwash experience it is still advisable to hand wash your vehicle with a suitable sponge or mitt to effectively remove caked on grime.

The advantage of a foam cannon over your traditional bucket wash is that a foam cannon will provide a thick blanket of foam covering all surfaces. As the foam clings to the vehicle surface it penetrates crusted on dirt to easily be removed by a sponge or when you rinse.

How easy is a foam cannon to use?

Once you have your pressure washer set up and the bottle of snow foam detergent filled on your snow cannon you are almost ready to go. From there it is a case of attaching the pressure washer lance to the snow cannon by way of a suitable adapter or fittings and you are on your way.

Twisting the nozzle on the spray head will modulate the guns spray pattern and from there you can wave that pressure washer wand like Harry Potter and conjure up a vehicle covered with a thick foaming lather.

Say goodbye to buckets and wasting water with a quality foam cannon.

With a vast range of models to choose from Repco are all about providing the best snow cannons from the best car cleaning brands. With so many to compare and review we are sure to have a foam cannon kit with the features you need at a great price.

With Repco stores across Australia and New Zealand we have the car cleaning equipment to give you the cleanest vehicle on the block. Whether it is your snow foam, detailing brushes or even an air dryer we are all about making car cleaning easier at Repco.

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