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Cylinder Heads

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Kiwi Complete Cylinder Head Kit
Kiwi Cylinder Head 3FSE
Kiwi Cylinder Head-Bare Head Combo
Kiwi Complete Cylinder Head
Permaseal Seal-Valve Stem (16Pk) - VSS0320-16
KCH Cylinder Head - 13080570
Kiwi Complete Head Kit - Not Common Rail

Motortech Brake Cleaner 400g

A fast-drying solution that cleans brake components and parts without the need for disassembly.

Kiwi Cylinder Head - 2LII/T Complete Head Assembly
Kiwi Cylinder Heads Cylinder Head - 11041230
Permaseal Valve Stem Seal Set - VSS0416-08
Permaseal Valve Stem Seal Set - VSS0385-16
CYLINDER HEAD - 10081139
Kiwi Cylinder Head 5L
Permaseal Valve Stem Seal Set - VSS0107-12
Kiwi Cylinder Head suits Toyota 3VZ-EL 12V
Kiwi Cylinder Head-Bare Head Combo
Showing 1 - 19 of 483 products

Heads Up, We Stock Only The Best In Cylinder Heads At Repco

Shop Cylinder Heads With Repco

When looking for a replacement cylinder head shop at Repco for the widest range of reconditioned cylinder heads ready to be put on your engine and go. Don't be left for weeks waiting for your cylinder head to come back from the machine shop when you can have a cylinder head that has been professionally rebuilt to OEM specifications ready and waiting when you remove the old one. Stocking a range of brands from HM Engines, and Kiwi Cylinder Heads makes Repco your one-stop shop for quality replacement cylinder heads.

Signs You May Need A New Or Reconditioned Cylinder Head

When the time comes to look for a replacement cylinder head for any internal combustion engine, you may notice a number of symptoms or telltale signs:

  • Decreased engine performance - This can usually be seen as a lack of horsepower and torque and less than efficient combustion of fuel resulting in poor fuel economy. A burnt exhaust valve will also contribute to decreased compression and inefficient airflow, as will slack valve springs and carbon build-up around inlet and exhaust ports.
  • Oil leaks - These are usually evident when the head gasket has blown due to warping of the head from heat or cracking
  • Coolant leaks or decrease in coolant level - Another symptom that can occur is the head gasket being blown or cracks in the cylinder head allowing fluid to leak external or into the combustion chamber.
  • Smoke - This can be generated from a number of factors, and whether it is blue smoke from oil leakage or white smoke from coolant leaks, these are some of the more evident daily reminders that your cylinder head may need attention.

Get A Replacement Cylinder Head With Repco

When your engine is tired and worn or your cylinder head gasket has blown from overheating sometimes the best solution is for a quality replacement cylinder head to fix it. With some of the kits comprising not just the cylinder head but additional components such as camshafts, gaskets, and studs means, you can have complete confidence in being able to bolt your head on to get you back on the road sooner.

The vast array of cylinder heads supplied through Repco are all assembled and machined by trade qualified technicians. Giving you those straight and smooth machined surfaces allow for the perfect fitment of exhaust runners and intake manifolds to reduce air leakage and restore lost power and efficiency.

We Stock A Great Range Of Iron And Aluminium Cylinder Heads

Stocking a range of quality cylinder heads for passenger and commercial vehicles means that Repco can supply you with a new cylinder head suitable for a vast array of vehicles far quicker than what a mechanic can remove and service them for. Also backed by a comprehensive warranty and great after-sales service means, your cylinder head will provide years of reliability to keep your vehicle on the road.

Every engine is slightly different whether it is a custom build, a diesel car, has two-cylinder heads or is cast iron. Here at Repco, we strive to provide retail and trade customers with a vast array of products to get the job done under the one roof. Stocking an extensive range of hard parts to suit your every need, from aluminium cylinder heads, exhaust valves, engine additives, oil filters, and so much more. With great stock ability knowledgeable staff, get your cylinder head in confidence knowing you have the right products and tools to get the job done right. Shop online using our click and collect and click and delivery services across Australia and New Zealand. When needing a vehicle-specific application, get in contact with our local store with pride, knowing Repco has you covered.

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Whether it is as bad as needing a replacement cylinder head and the tools & equipment to go with it, or just the temporary fix of a quality engine additive, you can rely on Repco to have all your bases covered when it comes to keeping you on the road.

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