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Drive Belts

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Repco V Drive Belt 13mm Top Width x 925mm - 13A0925RB
Gates Fan Belt Ribbed - 4PK780
Gates Micro-V Multi Ribbed Drive Belt 7 Rib x 1515mm - 7PK1515
Gates Micro-V Multi Ribbed Drive Belt 7 Rib x 2035mm - 7PK2035
Gates Micro-V Multi Ribbed Drive Belt 6 Rib x 2255mm - 6PK2255
Gates Micro-V Multi Ribbed Drive Belt 5 Rib x 875mm - 5PK875
Gates Micro-V Multi Ribbed Drive Belt 7 Rib x 1750mm - 7PK1750

Motortech Brake Cleaner 400g

A fast-drying solution that cleans brake components and parts without the need for disassembly.

Gates Micro-V Multi Ribbed Drive Belt 6 Rib x 2045mm - 6PK2045
Gates Micro-V Multi Ribbed Drive Belt 6 Rib x 890mm - 6PK890
Gates Micro-V Multi Ribbed Drive Belt 4 Rib x 835mm - 4PK835
Gates Micro-V Multi Ribbed Drive Belt 4 Rib x 1210mm - 4PK1210
Gates Drive Belt - 7PK1140
Gates Drive Belt - 7PK2060
Gates Micro-V Multi Ribbed Drive Belt 6 Rib x 1510mm - 6PK1510
Repco Multi Ribbed Drive Belt 6 Rib x 1230mm - 6PK1230RB
Gates Micro-V Multi Ribbed Drive Belt 6 Rib x 1900mm - 6PK1900
Repco Multi Ribbed Drive Belt 7 Rib x 1935mm - 7PK1935RB
Repco Multi Ribbed Drive Belt 6 Rib x 2415mm - 6PK2415RB
Showing 1 - 19 of 2267 products

Stocking the most comprehensive range of drive belts, Repco have you covered

Whether you need a fan belt, multi-accessory belt, timing belt, serpentine belt or any drive belt for your vehicle, we have the range and exact specifications to suit. Carrying such trusted brands as Gates, Dayco, Vaico and our own premium Repco range.

As a vital component in many of your vehicle's drive systems, the necessity to replace your belts at scheduled intervals means giving you the confidence of safe motoring. Stocking V belts, multi-ribbed belts, stretch fit belts and more, meaning we can supply the correct belt for your vehicle to keep your car running smoothly and clocking up the trouble-free kilometres.

Popular Questions Asked

What are the signs of a failing drive belt?

  • If there is a squealing noise coming from the front of the vehicle when the engine is running. This could be due to slippage or misalignment of the belt.
  • Engine overheating as the belt is not turning the water pump to circulate coolant in the engine.
  • Power steering or air conditioning not working. This will become evident if the belt has broken and isn't turning both the power steering pump or the air conditioning compressor.
  • Damage or wear on the belt.

If a drive belt breaks, you could end up stranded somewhere, therefore, it is important to keep an eye out and ensure you look out for key symptoms.

What are drive belts in a car?

A drive belt is a vital part of your engine bay in that it is responsible for running multiple components such as power steering, alternator, water pump and more. These ancillaries will vary depending on the vehicle you are driving. If you notice any of the above symptoms or are unsure, get in contact with your local mechanic to ensure you make it on your next adventure.

When should a drive belt be replaced?

As a general rule, these belts are meant to last up to 80,000 kilometres but can go longer depending on conditions. Be sure to regularly check the condition of your belts and replace them if visible wear or damage exists.

What quality does Repco offer when it comes to drive belts?

Designed with OE quality and standards, many of our range of drive belts are constructed using materials that put more flexibility along the length of the belt yet gives the drive belt greater lateral stability in the pulley. Our range is engineered for wear resistance, quiet performance and some of the tightest tolerances in the industry to ensure your vehicle will benefit from a quality replacement drive belt on your vehicle.

Our brands provide the confidence of extensive research and development coupled with using the most current technology and materials to produce belts that go the distance. Manufactured to exacting OEM specifications and covered by comprehensive warranties, make any of the range of drive belts at Repco a sound investment in looking after your vehicle.

Our range of belts

Whether you need a drive belt, alternator belt, serpentine belt, or belt tensioner, we have a comprehensive range of components to get you on your way. With stores located across Australia and New Zealand, we have the best belts and accessories at great prices near you.

Using our handy online rego search tool or manually search your vehicle, shop for your vehicles in the one place. Using our click and collect or click and delivery services. For more information, contact your local Repco store, and they will provide you with more details.

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