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Car strut mounts

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Kelpro Strut Mount & Bearing - 24018K
Monroe Strut Mate Bump Stop Kit - PK004
SAS Strut Mount - MT125R
SAS Strut Mount - MT125L
Kelpro Strut Mount - 24326
Kelpro Strut Mount - 28437
Kelpro Strut Mount - 24228
Kelpro Strut Mount - 24315
Kelpro Strut Mount - 24231
Kelpro Strut Mount - 24314
SAS Strut Mount - MT951
SAS Strut Mount - MT315
Kelpro Strut Mount - 24360
Kelpro Strut Mount - 24378
SAS Strut Mount - MT402
SAS Strut Mount - MT232
Kelpro Strut Mount - 24258
Monroe Strut Mate Mounting Kit - 908926
Kelpro Strut Mount With Bearing - 24228K
Monroe Strut Mate Strut Boot Kit - 63620
Showing 1 - 20 of 441 products

Car Strut Mounts

Car strut mounts are an important part in any vehicle that has MacPherson strut suspension. They hold the top of strut to the vehicle body, have a rubber insulator to reduce noise and vibrations and a bearing that allows the strut to turn with the steering. It takes all the upward force when the suspension hits a bump and also stops the strut falling out when the suspension droops. Struts as they are commonly called are found on the front suspension and also now on the rear of a lot of vehicles.

Another item you can look at when changing the strut mounts is the bump stop and protective boot. The bump stop absorbs some of the upward movement when you hit a large pothole and the strut is compressed to its travel limit. It also takes some of the pressure off the strut mount. The protective boot is a concertina rubber design so it can compress and expand with the strut's movement. It protects the shaft of the strut from dirt, dust and road grime to help protect the upper seal in the strut.

Popular Questions Asked

How do I know if my Strut Mounts are bad?

The usual problem is the rubber splits or separates from the metal mount or strut rod. This causes excessive movement in the strut top and will be noisy or vibrate when the strut hits a bump. You may also get uneven tyre wear or poor steering response. The bearing can also fail or wear which will cause similar symptoms.

As the mounts are mounted up top it is easy to do a visual inspection. If they look OK you can get a mate to bounce the car up and down one side at a time. If the damage is bad enough you will see the excessive movement or torn rubber when you compare sides.

How much does it cost to replace Strut Mounts?

Depending on the vehicle this can vary from $100 to $400 for a pair of strut mounts. Add another $100 to $200 to install them. As with most suspension parts it is a good idea to replace them as a pair. If one is worn out the other may not be far off it. When replacing these you need to remove the strut. It is a good time to check the strut and see if they also need to be replaced.

If the strut mounts are old and tired and you are looking to keep the vehicle for a few more years it may pay to replace the entire strut assembly. Companies are now offering deals on complete assembly replacements and the labour costs are reduced as you are not pulling the strut apart. If replacing the lot a wheel alignment at the end of it will make sure everything is tracking correctly and in spec.

Can I replace Strut Mounts myself?

You can replace a strut mount yourself. There are a few things you need to be aware of. You need to compress the spring to remove the mount. Spring compressors can be expensive and compressed springs are highly dangerous. Never remove the strut mount without compressing the spring. Other than that, hand tools, a jack and axle stands will do the job.

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