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Monroe Suspension Strut - GT Gas Reflex - 35-0572
CODE9 Strut - 922001R
CODE9 Strut - 921003L
CODE9 Strut - 923008L
CODE9 Strut - 922042L
CODE9 Strut - 9260752

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CODE9 Strut - 4102
KYB Suspension Strut - Excel-G - 334389
CODE9 Strut - 925900L
CODE9 Strut - 927400R
CODE9 Strut - 922035R
CODE9 Strut - 927015L
CODE9 Strut - 927011R
KYB Suspension Strut - Excel-G - 333351
CODE9 Strut - 4107
CODE9 Strut - 922027
KYB Suspension Strut - Excel-G - 333426
Monroe Suspension Strut GT Sport - 35-0577
Showing 1 - 19 of 1793 products

Improve your ride comfort with OEM quality suspension struts

Shop suspension struts with Repco today

Whether you are looking at lowering your suspension, looking for a durable standard replacement or raising your ride height, look no further than Repco, providing you with a diverse range of struts for your vehicle. Stocking the best brands from Monroe, KYB and Repco, providing you with stability and a smooth ride for your vehicle.

Popular Questions Asked

What is a suspension strut?

A suspension strut is a crucial component of your suspension in that it is the structural component that joins your vehicle body and wheels together. Your struts help enhance control when turning your car and stabilise the movement of your car when coming across rough surfaces, accelerating and braking. Both shock absorbers and suspension struts are designed to assist with alignment, steering and reducing vehicle jolts making for a smoother ride.

What are the symptoms of a failing strut?

If you notice any of the below symptoms, it is essential to get a replacement strut to ensure further damage isn't caused to other components of your suspension system. When you shop at Repco, you can get your suspension fixed perfectly without blowing your budget.

  • Bouncy suspension - when going over bumps, if you notice excessive bouncing, this can be a sign your strut is not working correctly. Your suspension should settle after hitting a bump as opposed to continuing to bounce.
  • Unstable car - this can occur when braking or corning. When braking, if you feel your car dipping quickly into the ground, this can indicate that your shock is failing. Commonly known as a nose dive, this can also affect the way you pull up, increasing your stopping distance. When cornering if you notice your vehicle rolling or swaying when turning a corner, this is another sign your strut is wearing. This is an indication that your vehicle is not able to transfer weight when turning corners.
  • Knocking noises or clucking noises - if your strut is worn, it is common to hear a knocking or clunking sound. This usually occurs if there is metal-to-metal contact when you hit a bump caused when the strut bottoms out. Other suspension parts can also cause this.
  • Uneven wear of tyres - this can occur when your strut is broken or worn out, causing a reduction in holding force, therefore, can cause scalloping or cupping of the tyres. If you notice uneven wear on your tyres, check your suspension and get a wheel alignment done after replacing your struts.
  • Leaking strut - if you notice fluid seeping from your strut, this can signify that your strut is wearing out, the fluid within your strut is crucial for your strut to function correctly.

Can you drive with a broken strut?

If you have a broken or worn strut, it is important to replace it as soon as possible, as it can cause issues with other parts of your suspension. You can drive on a broken strut, but it is not recommended as it is uncomfortable to drive on for both you and anyone else in the vehicle and can be unsafe in that it can increase braking distance which is even more extreme in the wet and can cause an issue with scalloping or cupping in your tyres.

Get into your local Repco store to find a replacement strut

Get into Repco today to find the right replacement struts for your vehicle, leaving you with peace of mind every time you step foot into your vehicle. If you are looking for a replacement suspension strut, you may also be interested in shopping our range of steering and suspension components, bushes, tie rod ends, car jacks, axle stands and sockets to get the job done right under the one roof.

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