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Welding Accessories

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Cigweld Arcmaster XC20 Blax Series - WHAMXC020
Cigweld WeldSkill Gasless Wire 0.8 mm, 0.9kg Minispool - WG0908
Cigweld WeldSkill Gasless Wire 0.9mm, 0.9kg Minispool - WG0909
Cigweld WeldSkill Gasless Wire 0.9mm, 4.5kg (Handispool) - WG4509
Cigweld WeldSkill Solid Wire 0.8mm, 5.0kg (Handispool) - WS5008
Cigweld WeldSkill 2.0mm GP Welding Rods 25 Rod Pack - WEG0220
Cigweld Arcmaster XC20 TORQUE

Motortech Brake Cleaner 400g

A fast-drying solution that cleans brake components and parts without the need for disassembly.

Cigweld WeldSkill Magnetic Work Clamp/Holder – Medium - 646764
Cigweld WeldSkill Magnetic Work Clamp/Holder – Large - 646765
Mechpro Chipping Hammer Spring Handle - MPCH
Cigweld Plasma Torch Gas Diffuser - CSP337007
Cigweld Chipping Hammer - 646215/R
Cigweld WeldSkill Tweco MIG Pliers - WSPLIER
Cigweld Heavy Duty WeldSkill Welding Gloves - 646755
Cigweld WeldSkill 2.5mm GP Welding Rods 20 Rod Pack - WEG0225
Cigweld WeldSkill Solid Wire 0.9mm, 5.0kg (Handispool) - WS5009
T&E Tools Standard Swivel Filter Wrench - 4253
Cigweld WeldSkill Tweco MIG Torch Gas Diffuser - W6000606
Cigweld Plasma Torch O-Ring suits CutSkill 60A/35/45A - CSP337006
Showing 1 - 19 of 45 products

Welding accessories keeping you safe and making it easy

Shop Welding Accessories

At Repco, besides our welder range, we also stock a range of welding accessories to keep you safe and make the job easy. Whether you are Tig, Mig, Arc or Gas welding they all have similar traits and we have the safety products to protect your eyes and hands and the tool range to make light work of your welding job. We have brands from Cigweld & Mechpro Blue.

What do Welding Accessories do?

Welding Accessories like a helmet and gloves make welding safe and protect you from the danger of molten metal spatter, welding flash and heat. There are also tools to make the job easier like magnetic clamps, chip hammers and a wire brush. Gas welding does not need the helmet but has its own set of goggles.

Why Do I need Welding Accessories?

The welding helmet is critical when doing any electric welding. It is designed to protect your face and eyes from the welding flash and spatter of molten metal. Don't use a helmet and welding flash can blind you plus skin and eyes are no match for hot molten metal spatter. Most helmets cover your head and should all have the auto darkening lense so you can see what you are doing in complete safety. The new type of helmets allow you to use both hands on the job at all times. Some come in cool colours and designs, even a chrome look so it makes a nice change from basic black

Leather gloves that go up your forearm are another important safety item. Welding melts metal so any parts you weld gets extremely hot to touch. The gloves give a good account of themselves in stopping a lot of the heat and welding spatter burning your hands and arms.

Other tools you find useful are a chip hammer to remove weld slag and spatter, a good wire brush to clean down the weld, a welding cart or trolley to house your welder, tools and accessories and make it easily mobile so you can get it close to the job.

Welding produces fumes so if in a confined space, with not a lot of ventilation, getting a mask or respirator designed for welding that filters the air you breathe is a good idea.

Our Range of Welding Accessories

For all your welding equipment and accessories visit the Repco website and shop online and see our Cigweld brand of welders and accessories. View what is on offer and check availability and prices for the items you need. If you want more help and information contact or visit your local store and one of our staff members will sort it out for you. So head into Repco for your welding accessories and browse our other categories like welding, soldering and butane to see what else you require. With over 400 stores across Australia we are bound to have one near you.

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