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Fuel Additives

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Penrite Pro Series Petrol Fuel Boost 500ml - PSPFB0005
Catalogue Sale
Save $18.25
Hurry Sale Ends - 23/04/2024
Air 1 AdBlue 10L - ADBLUE010
Penrite DSL Biocide Fuel Treatment 1L - ADDSLTREAT001
Repco Super Octane Boost 500mL - RSOB500
Nulon Petrol System Extreme Clean 500ml - PEC
Penrite Petrol Total System Cleaner 375mL - ADPTSC375
Penrite Pro Series Diesel Complete Clean 375ml - PSDCC0005

Repco Petrol & Diesel Injector Cleaner

Restore lost power and boost fuel economy when adding Repco Fuel Injector Cleaner next time you fill up.

Nulon Diesel System Extreme Clean 500ml - DEC
Penrite Valve Shield Petrol Additive 250mL - ADVS250
Penrite Ultimate 6 in 1 Fuel Stabiliser 250ml - ADUFS250
Repco Fuel System Cleaner 500mL - RFSC500
Flashlube Diesel Conditioner 50ml - FD50MX20B
Fuel Set Fuel System Conditioner 200ml - B200FS
Morey's Upper Cylinder Lube 5L
Repco Petrol Booster & Cleaner 300mL - RPBC300
Penrite Diesel Total Fuel System Cleaner 375ml - ADDTSC375
Penrite Octane Booster Petrol 375ml - ADOCTB375
Nulon Octane Boost & Clean 300ml - OBC
Penrite Penblue Adblue 3.5l - PENBLUE0035
Showing 1 - 19 of 29 products

Fuel additives to clean your fuel system and boost your vehicles performance

Restore lost power, gain fuel economy and save money with our quality fuel additives

Stocking quality fuel additives from leading brands such as Penrite, Castrol and Nulon ensure your car performs to its potential whilst providing long term benefits as you drive. Products such as octane booster and fuel system cleaner help restore power and improve fuel consumption, while many of the fuel stabiliser products can help provide long term fuel protection for your vehicle. We have the range and quality brands to make sure you get the right fuel additive to your vehicle.

How important are fuel additives for your vehicle?

Caring for your cars performance and keeping those substantial fuel bills down are just 2 areas where running a quality additive through your fuel system will pay dividends in both the short and long term. As we fill our cars almost weekly we give minimal thought to the long term build up of intake valve deposits and harmful contaminants in fuel injectors and other critical parts of the fuel system. This is where a quality fuel additive can help restore engine power, enhance fuel economy and assist in smoother engine idling and power delivery.

With the range of diesel vehicle options continuing to grow, the need for effective diesel fuel cleaners becomes necessary. With rough running and poor performance just the tip of the iceberg you can keep those fuel lines and exhaust emissions clean when using the correct diesel fuel additives.

For vehicles that don't get driven frequently, may be exposed to contaminated fuel or for external fuel storage we stock a range of fuel treatments and fuel stabilisers to combat issues associated with this. Controlling loss of octane, bacterial growth or demulsification will help prolong the life of your fuel to provide easier starting and lessen fuel system problems. These products can also help maintain vital seals and gaskets to resist against fuel leaks.

Repco provides the best range of additives for any of your fluid systems

Whether you need some AdBlue, a bottle of octane booster or any of the quality fuel additivies we have we've got you covered. Hoever, it's not just fuel we take care of, our range of additives for any of the vital systems on your vehicle are carried by Repco. Stocking the most popular brands coupled with additives to help clean, restore fuel efficiency and improve performance make Repco your one stop shop to looking after your car.

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