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Fuel Pressure Regulators

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Fuelmiser Fuel Pressure Regulator - FPR-170
Fuelmiser Fuel Pressure Regulator
Fuelmiser Fuel Pressure Regulator - FPR-168
Fuelmiser Fuel Pressure Regulator
Fuelmiser Fuel Pressure Regulator
Fuelmiser Fuel Pressure Regulator
Fuelmiser Fuel Pressure Regulator

Repco Petrol & Diesel Injector Cleaner

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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 products

Repco stock quality Fuel Pressure Regulators

Buy your specific Fuel Pressure Regulator at a great price

Modern fuel injected engines rely on the steady fuel supply that only comes from a working fuel pressure regulator. Don't be hampered by dramatic changes in performance with too much fuel or an inconsistent fuel rate when Repco sell a fuel pressure regulator suited for your vehicle's engine.

The fuel injectors in your engine can only function when sufficient pressure is built up and maintained in the fuel rail sitting above your intake manifold. This flow rate and fuel pressure is governed by the fuel pressure regulator. If a fuel injector was to be solely governed by the flow rate from your fuel pump or fuel pumps this would lead to excess fuel being supplied from the fuel tank.

Working in tandem with a fuel pressure sensor means your fuel pressure regulator delivers sufficient fuel to create the perfect ratio of fuel to air entering the engine. Any more fuel not require returns to the fuel tank whilst not interrupting the fuel pump running.

Repco have all the fuel system parts you need for your vehicle

A steady supply of clean fuel is one of the most important things for reliable operation of your car. Whether it is a fuel pressure regulator, fuel filter or a replacement fuel injector we have the fuel system parts for your vehicle.

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