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Hit the brake pedal with confidence when using the best brake parts from Repco

Optimum stopping ability happens when all braking components on your vehicle are working perfectly in unison. Bearing the heavy loads of hundreds if not thousands of stops each week your brake system needs the best in brake parts to provide that safe stopping ability. Stocking the best in brake pads, disc brake rotors, brake fluid and brake shoes ensures that Repco is your best stop for brake repairs.

Popular Questions Asked

When do brake pads need replacing?

As one of the many consumable brake parts on your vehicle your can expect to be changing brake pads based on how often you drive, what you drive and what your driving style is amongst others. Your vehicle's owners manual will advise on a service schedule but this is based on a basic set of criteria and doesn't factor the detail above.

Many modern vehicle come equipped with brake pad wear sensors to advise when brake pad replacement is imminent. If your vehicle is not equipped with these sensors you should regularly check your disc rotors and brake pads each time your oil is changed. This quick visual inspection will advise the condition and wear in your braking system and allow you to service your car brakes prior to further issues.

Should you change disc rotors when changing brake pads?

The disc brakes on your vehicle will have a minimum thickness before they need to be discarded. Constant braking and this friction causes the disc rotor to wear away and based on the compound of the brake pads the length of life of the brake rotor can vary.

If the surface of the disc rotor is free of scoring or grooves and is above the minimum thickness you can perform a brake service and only replace the brake pads. Most workshops or mechanics however look to replace both brake pads and disc rotors at the same time to provide optimal braking performance without the possibility of warped rotors or other issues that can be encountered with used brake discs.

What causes brake shudder?

Steering wheel shudders under braking can be unnerving and when your car pulls to the left or right when braking can be caused by any number of faulty brake components.

Damaged brake rotors, excessively worn brake pads, a sticking piston in your brake calliper or even new brake pads that have not bedded in properly can all contribute to brake shudder.

When it comes to finding the right brake pad for any of the thousands of passenger vehicles on the road, Repco are the brake specialists. Whether the right brake pads, correct brake fluid, new disc rotors or a replacement brake caliper Repco can help maintain the safety of your vehicle and restore braking power.

Our stores stock thousands of brake parts, brake tools and brake accessories to keep you on the road and safe in all driving conditions.

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