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Radiator Additives

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Rislone Head Gasket Fix 680g - 41111
On Sale Now
Save $25.20
Hurry Sale Ends - 12/12/2023
Rislone Liquid Copper Block Stop Leak 510g - 41109
On Sale Now
Save $14.40
Hurry Sale Ends - 12/12/2023
Rislone Aluminium Radiator Stop Leak 479g - 41186
On Sale Now
Save $12.60
Hurry Sale Ends - 12/12/2023
Rislon Radiator Stop Leak 325mL - 41196
On Sale Now
Save $7.80
Hurry Sale Ends - 12/12/2023
Cooling System Flush 500ml - RCOOLFLUSH500
Nulon Permanent Head Gasket Repair 750ml - PHGR-750
Prestone Radiator Flush / Cleaner 650ml - AS105Y
Penrite Radiator Stop Leak 375mL - ADRSL375
Penrite Radiator Flush Additive 375mL - ADRF375
CRC Fibre Lock 946ml - 1224
K-SEAL Ultimate Head Gasket Repair - K3501
Bar's Leaks Stop Leak 150g - 001508
Nulon Radiator Core Protector 500ml - RCPG-500
Prestone Rad Flush & Degreaser - AS110Y
Tectaloy Mukowt Radiator Flush 500mL - TE610
Bar's Leaks Stop Leak 340g - 003403
Sealwell Coolant System Conditioner 2 Pack - T51012
Irontite Sealer 600g - 960101
Wynn's Radiator Flush 325mL - 65332
Nulon Radiator Flush & Clean 300mL - R40
Showing 1 - 20 of 26 products

Stocking all your radiator needs

When you're in need of a radiator flush, coolant or antifreeze, there is no better place to turn to than Repco. Our wide range of radiator liquids ensures that your car is always kept in top condition, without the need for you to spend a fortune.

All the brands amongst our range are chosen for their quality and exceptional value for money. Find the radiator product you need in any of our 400 automotive parts stores or order in our online shop to click and collect from your nearest Repco location.

Ensuring that your radiator doesn't overheat, or freeze is essential to maintaining the health and performance of your vehicle. This is why we at Repco stock a number of coolant and antifreeze products suited to a range of vehicles. On top of this, you can find a radiator flush to help clean out your cooling system and ensure any blockages or contaminates are avoided.

Shop our range of products today by visiting any Repco store or browsing our online catalogue.

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