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Parts Washers

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Smartw Ozzymat Fl4 Multi-Layer - FL-4
Mechpro Blue Portable Sand Blaster 38L - MPBSBP1
Mechpro Blue Parts Washer Brush - MPBPWB
Mechpro Blue Parts Washer 150L - MPBPWB3
Mechpro Blue Sand Blasting Cabinet 110L - MPBSBC2
Mechpro Blue Parts Washer 60L - MPBPWB2
Mechpro Blue Parts Washer 12L - MPBPWB1

Repco Petrol & Diesel Injector Cleaner

Restore lost power and boost fuel economy when adding Repco Fuel Injector Cleaner next time you fill up.

Mechpro Blue Portable Soda Blaster 25L - MPBSB1
Mechpro Blue Sand Blasting Cabinet 90L - MPBSBC1
Mechpro Blue Sand Blasting Cabinet 220L - MPBSBC3
Repco 1L Spray Cleaning Gun - RST246
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Mechpro Blue Sand Blasting Hood - MPBSBH
Showing 1 - 12 of 12 products

Cleaning car parts is a breeze with a parts washer from Repco

From engine blocks to nuts and bolts, parts washers are your key to easy fixes

If you are like us and love spending time in the garage you'll know everything happens more easily when working in a clean environment. This is where parts cleaning machines come to the fore and help clean grease, swarf and grime from your car parts making them ready for easy installation.

Whilst the handy can of degreaser is the go to for easy removal of dirt and oil when the car parts are still attached, a parts washer is the step up when you have removed the parts and you are looking for more thorough parts cleaning.

What are the benefits of parts cleaning machines?

Any mechanics workshop or engine reconditioner will have a parts washer on hand to effectively clean the dirtiest of car parts. These parts cleaning machines use a concentrated detergent coupled with a recirculating pump to use both pressure and the cleaning agent to dislodge and dissolve oil, grease and dirt easily and quickly.

From there a quick wipe with a rag or a blast of compressed air will have your parts clean and job done. No more drowning your parts in multiple cans of degreaser when the catch tank of the parts washer stores the detergent ready for your next clean. This is where parts washers save you money whilst the machine provides a contained area for you to scrub your car parts.

What types of parts washers do Repco sell?

Whether a casual home mechanic or a professional engine builder, Repco can supply parts cleaning machines to suit whatever you need to clean. From large size units designed to effectively handle engine blocks and other large car parts through to compact units capable of cleaning most engine parts, your local Repco store has a model to suit.

Repco also stock parts cleaning detergent so you can get started on the cleaning process as soon as you get home. We also stock rags and brushes to complete the job.

To check out the full range of parts washers to find a parts washer suited to your needs browse our web page or contact your local Repco store in Australia or New Zealand. With one of the largest ranges of parts cleaning machines in the market and the ability to have these delivered to your door, Repco are all about offering the best in parts cleaning.

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