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UHF Handheld Radios

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Oricom 2 watt Handheld UHF Radio Twin Pack - UHFTP2390
GME 2 Watt Handheld UHF Radio Twin Pack - TX677TP
Oricom 2 watt Handheld UHF Radio Twin Pack - UHF2500-2GR
GME 5/1 watt Handheld UHF Radio IP67 - TX6160X
Oricom 3 Watt VHF Marine Radio - MX300
GME 2.5 watt Marine Handheld VHF Radio - GX610
Oricom 500mW Handheld UHF Radio Twin Pack - PMR795BL

Motortech Brake Cleaner 400g

A fast-drying solution that cleans brake components and parts without the need for disassembly.

GME 5/1 watt Handheld UHF Radio IP67 - Blaze Orange - TX6160XO
GME 2 Watt Handheld UHF Radio - TX677
GME 5/1 watt Handheld UHF Radio IP67 Twin Pack - Yellow - TX6160YTP
XRS Connect Handheld UHF CB Radio - XRS-660
GME 5/1 Watt Marine Handheld VHF Radio - GX625
Oricom 5 Watt Hand Held UHF CB incl Speaker mic - UHF5400BK-SPK
GME XRS Connect Bluetooth Interface and Wireless PTT - XRS-BT1
Oricom 5 Watt Marine Handheld VHF Radio - MX500
GME 5/1 watt Handheld UHF Radio IP67 - Camo - TX6160XCAMO
GME 5/1 Watt Marine Handheld VHF Radio - GX800W
Oricom 2 watt Handheld UHF Radio - UHF2500-1GR
Showing 1 - 18 of 18 products

A handheld uhf radio is the solution for portable reliable communication in the great outdoors

Repco stock the best UHF handheld radio for your communication needs

Whether going bush, around construction sites or just needing to keep track of the kids around the campsite you can't go past a quality UHF handheld radio to keep the lines of communication open. A quality compact uhf cb handheld radio gives you ease of communication so you have the peace of mind to trek far and wide or just stay safe in a tricky situation on the job site.

Repco stock the best when it comes to handheld radios and with benchmark brands such as GME, Uniden and Oricom we have handheld UHF CB communication to suit any configuration or budget.

Simple and effective, handheld radios are your trusted communication partner on your next adventure

As kids we all played with walkie talkies and enjoyed the freedom to roam the neighbourhood whilst being in contact with our friends. These days the humble walkie talkie has morphed into serious equipment that provides outstanding performance in the harshest australian environments enabling you to stay connected.

Featuring a full suite of feaures and available as a single, twin pack or multi pack of handheld radios you can outfit you and the crew to be within radio contact easily. Most UHF handheld radio units these days come equipped with a li ion battery pack which provides hours of run time and with features such as a waterproof speaker microphone or vox hands free mode you can go anywhere and communicate with a minimum of hassle.

When purchasing a UHF CB handheld radio be sure to look out for professional grade accessories such as a dual desktop charger, built in led torch or rugged carry case to get maximum use out of your purchase and keep it safe and secure. Also make sure that your uhf handheld radio comes with a secure belt clip to enable your hands to be free while hiking or running around the campsite.

Repco have 1 watt, 2 watt and 5 watt uhf handheld radios

The beauty of having these various configurations of uhf cb handheld radio means you have the power to transmit over further distances the higher the wattage. As these hand held radios also transmit on the same frequencies as a vehicle mounted uhf cb radio you can chat to your friends in convoy or guide your mates on a tricky piece of track or through a mud hole.

With a Repco store location near you we have a wide range of handheld uhf radios in store ready for your next adventure. Available in various configurations, colours, wattages and price we are sure to have an affordable option when looking to buy a uhf handheld radio.

Whether looking to outfit your car, truck or complement your camping set up we have the ultimate in communication solutions at Repco. Shop our wide range of hand held radios, in vehicle radios and accessories to stay connected whatever the environment.

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