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Measuring Jugs

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Repco Oil Jug 5L - RJ5L
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Toledo Watering Can With Curved Spout 10 Litre - 305095
Toledo Oil Measuring Can With Flexible Spout And Lid 1 Litre - 305214
Lubemate Measuring Jug - L-J5L

Repco Petrol & Diesel Injector Cleaner

Restore lost power and boost fuel economy when adding Repco Fuel Injector Cleaner next time you fill up.

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 products

A measuring jug from Repco will help all your fluid changes

Repco stock a wide variety of top up bottles and jugs

Keep that fluid where it's meant to go with a handy measuring jug or oil bottle. When it is all about careful refilling or the need to have the right ratio of fluid, you can't go past our range of oil refill bottles and measuring jugs when metering out the right amount.

Filling up your radiator, washer fluid reservoir, engine oil filler or any of your vehicle fluids you can't underestimate the usefulness of having the right jug or pourer to both safely hold, but also measure out liquids. Stop the slopping of liquids when you need a precise pour and don't want a messy clean up. Repco stock not just measuring jugs and pourers but the right fluid accessories such as oil pans and funnels and pumps & syphons. Browse online or come in store today.

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