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Fuel Hose

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Goss Vacuum Tubing Hose 3mm - VT30L10
Gates Fuel Hose 5/16in x 2ft - ID 0.3125in / 8mm - 27028
Gates Fuel Hose 3/8in x 2ft - ID 0.375in /  9.5mm - 27029
Goss Fuel-Emiss Hose (5/32) 4mm
Goss Fuel-Emiss Hose (3/16) 5mm - 15 metres
Goss Fuel-Emiss Hose (1/8) 3mm
Gates Fuel Hose 7/16in - ID 0.4375in / 11.1mm - Per Metre - 27005M

Motortech Brake Cleaner 400g

A fast-drying solution that cleans brake components and parts without the need for disassembly.

Gates Fuel Hose 1/8in x 25ft - ID 0.125in / 3.2mm - Per Meter - 27000
Goss Fuel-Emiss Hose (1/2) 12.5mm
Goss Fuel-Emiss Hose (3/16) 5mm - 5metres
Gates Fuel Hose 1/4in x 2ft - ID 0.25in / 6.3mm - 27027
Gates Fuel Hose 3/4in - ID 0.75in / 19mm - Per Metre - 27010M
Goss Fuel-Emiss Hose (1/2) 12.5mm - FH125L150M
Tridon EFI Hose Clamp 9-17MM - EFI005P
Goss Fuel-Emiss Hose 6.5mm
Goss Hose-Fuel Injection 6.5mm
Goss Hose-Fuel Injection 6.5mm - FI65L150M
Goss Powerbrake Vacuum Hose 9mm - BV90L10
Showing 1 - 19 of 111 products

Keep fuel flowing with our range of Fuel Hoses & Connectors

Whether you are needing a new length of fuel hose to supply that thirsty Holley double pumper, or you are upgrading your fuel injection hose, it is vital that these fuel hoses are built to the highest standards. Worn or split fuel hose is a drivers worst nightmare, as spraying fuel over a hot engine leads to an engine bay fire which could destroy the whole car. Repco stock a wide selection of quality fuel and emission hose as well as a wide range of hose fittings, adaptors and connectors to ensure a safe and secure fuel feed to your engine.

As the lifeblood of your vehicle the safe and constant supply of fuel is integral. Whether under high pressure for a modern fuel injection system or the low pressure feed for your old school carburettors, in both instances you need the highest quality fuel hose to feed these. Snaking their way through surge tanks, fuel filters and fuel pumps means your fuel hose has to endure a lengthy path before it is dumped into your engine. Keep this vital artery in top working condition with our range of fuel hoses to suit your vehicle.

Popular Questions Asked

What kind of hose can I use for a Fuel Line?

Rubber nitrile hose is quite popular for flexible fuel lines. Do not use vacuum or heater/coolant hose as it is a different rubber compound. You need to be aware that there are 2 types, low pressure for old school cars with carburettors and high pressure for modern vehicle using EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection). Quality hose is well marked so it is easy to check if you have the correct one for your car. Make sure you get the correct hose clamps if required.

How do I know if my Fuel Hose needs replacing?

Unless it is leaking where you can smell it and see the drips coming off it, you are left with doing a visual/hands on inspection. If the rubber has cracks in it (it can have fine cracks but not leak) or it is rock hard and lost its flexability, you should change it. When rubber gets like this failure is not to far away.

What else can I use as a Fuel Line?

Metal or braided lines are a good alternative. Most vehicles run a coated or painted steel line from the fuel tank to the engine. Especially under the car as metal will take hits from stones or sticks better than rubber. Anywhere there is vibration or you need flexability, braided lines are excellent. They have a stainless steel or nylon woven mesh, protecting the internal rubber hose.

Stainless steel tube is another good product to use, though silicone hoses are best used to duct air not flow fuel. If in doubt most hoses have their specs/ratings printed on them.

Stocking the leadings brands such as Gates and Goss provides the range and price to make your vehicle servicing as straight forward as possible. Shop at Repco for all your fuel, EFI and filtration needs

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