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Maxi Trac Winch Extension Strap - 5T 10M
Catalogue Sale
Save $10
Hurry Sale Ends - 23/04/2024
Trojan Winch Wire 5Mm X 7.0 Mtr (23') - T491055
Catalogue Sale
Save $17.20
Hurry Sale Ends - 23/04/2024
Gear Up Winch - 2500Lb Open Spool Utility - EWP2500A
Repco Open Winch 10 To 1 With 6M Strap - TRW10TO10
Repco Open Winch 5 To 1 With 6M Strap - TRW5TO1
Maxi Trac Winch Cable Damper
Trojan Manual Winch 15:1 Wide Body - No Wire - TR85710
Catalogue Sale
Save $32.80
Hurry Sale Ends - 23/04/2024

Repco Petrol & Diesel Injector Cleaner

Restore lost power and boost fuel economy when adding Repco Fuel Injector Cleaner next time you fill up.

Trojan Winch Manual 5:1 - T461015
Catalogue Sale
Save $44.80
Hurry Sale Ends - 23/04/2024
Trojan Winch Handle - T802212
Catalogue Sale
Save $10.60
Hurry Sale Ends - 23/04/2024
ARK Winch Strap 50mm X 6m - Forged S Hook - SF56B
Showing 1 - 10 of 10 products

Hit the trails in confidence with the best winch from Repco

Get a portable winch from Runva or any of our leading brands of synthetic rope winches

Any four wheel drive adventure requires the right recovery equipment and when it comes to winches you can't go past Repco for the best in synthetic rope winches. Don't leave yourself stranded using an inferior electric winch when Repco's range of vehicle winches have the pulling power you need to free yourself from the stickiest situation.

Tested for performance, reliability and durability means all have been engineered to stand the test of time while being able to pull the toughest stuck vehicle.

Popular Questions Asked

What size winch do I need for my 4WD?

This industry standard calculation will provide you the number in pounds (lbs) of the winch you require to do a safe and effective recovery.

Firstly multiply the total weight of your vehicle by 1.5. In the case of a 2021 200 Series Landcruiser this would work out to be 4,110. Then to turn this into pounds (lbs), multiply by 2.205, which would work out to be 9,062. From this number you would theoretically need a winch that would pull a 9,000lb load or better to keep you out of trouble.

Is it worth having a winch?

If there's any chance that you may get stuck, stranded, or bogged then the answer to this is an emphatic 'Yes'. For the peace of mind to be able to tackle even basic terrain with confidence you need a winch on your 4wd.

Whilst a modern winch tends to do away with the traditional steel cable, these now offer easy to handle synthetic rope that are both strong and less cumbersome, making a winch a practical solution to anyone venturing offroad.

Whilst you may not need a fancy wireless remote for the control box you should always look to the IP rating to ensure your winch has a minimum of IP67 standard which enables your winch to withstand temporary immersion in water of up to 1 metre for about 30 minutes. This rating also means it is dust resistant to protect your winch motor.

Repco stock the best 4wd winch for your vehicle

Get out and explore the great outdoors with a quality winch attached to your vehicle. The ability to sling the winch rope around the nearest tree and towing yourself to safety enables you to conquer the toughest terrain and get home safely.

Stocking not just winches but a great selection of recovery gear, recovery tracks and snatch straps means you can tackle the steep, boggy, sandy or muddy terrain with ease.

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