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Recovery Gear

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Maxi Trac Tow Hook 4500kg Black - MTTHB
Prorack High-Lift Jack Holder - PR3203
Drivetech 4x4 High Lift Jack 1500kg
Maxi Trac Tri-Fold Shovel with Bag
Maxi Trac Recovery Kit - 8 Piece Heavy Duty
MaxiTrac Recovery Drag Chain - 8mm x 5mtr - MTRDC
Maxi Trac Riggers Gloves
MaxiTrac Heavy Duty Accessory Bag - MTACBAG
Maxi Trac High Lift Jack/Shovel Holder - MTHLJSHS3
Maxi Trac Safety Chain Hook Set 2000kg
Maxi Trac Safety Chain Hook Set 3200kg
Maxi Trac High Lift Jack Bumper Lift Kit - MTHLJBLKS3
Maxi Trac Tyre Repair Strips 20pc - MTTRSS3
Maxi Trac Spare Wheel Storage Bag - MTSWBS4
Maxi Trac High Lift Recovery Jack - Bag - MTHLJBS3
Tow Strap - TOW886
Showing 1 - 16 of 16 products

4WD Recovery Gear

When driving on fire trails or bush tracks that aren't well maintained, you will eventually get stuck or bogged. This is where 4x4 recovery gear will be invaluable to help pull yourself out of a sticky situation. There are a lot of recovery kits on the market which all have recovery essentials in them.

Recovery Kits

Things like snatch straps, leather gloves, snatch blocks and shackles. Some have chain and hooks, kinetic rope, snatch rings and soft shackles. 4WD recovery gear covers a multitude of products and kits can be a mix of different items. A lot of the items use bright colours, like orange so it is easy to spot them and not leave anything behind.

Recovery Tracks

About the only thing you won't find in the recovery kit are recovery tracks as they are big and bulky and usually carried separately. A shovel or digging tool or a high lift jack are good items to have to complement your recovery tracks.

Recovery Winch

Finally, the absolute winner in vehicle recovery is the winch. It is essential if venturing out on your own to have a winch mounted to your vehicle. It will literally pull you out of trouble and free you from mud, sand or when stuck in a bog. Even in ice and snow a good winch has the strength to get you unstuck, not that we have a lot of those conditions in Australia.

Recovery gear has to be well designed, engineered and manufactured as durability is key when miles from no-where. It needs to be load tested as the weight and strain placed on it is high. If it fails at the wrong moment it could cause injury or even death. New products are being continually developed as off road adventure is a real growth area. For first time adventurers, being prepared with the right recovery equipment ensures you can get out of situations you got yourself into. Just remember to read the instructions!

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