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Recovery Tracks

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Exitrax Recovery Tracks 930 Series - Green - ET930G
Exitrax Universal Recovery Tracks Bag - ETBAG
Exitrax Recovery Tracks 1110 Series - Metallic Lime Green - ET1110MLG
Maxi Trac Flexible Recovery Track 1.5m - MTRT1500
Exitrax Recovery Track Leashes Pair - ETLEASH
Exitrax Ultimate Recovery Tracks 1150 Series - Aquamarine - ET1150AM
Exitrax Recovery Tracks 1100 Series - Black - ET1110B

Motortech Brake Cleaner 400g

A fast-drying solution that cleans brake components and parts without the need for disassembly.

Exitrax Recovery Board 1110 Series -  Metallic Sun Rise - ET1110MSR
Exitrax Recovery Tracks 930 Series - Black - ET930B
Exitrax Recovery Track Rear Wheel Holder - ETRWH
Exitrax Ultimate Recovery Tracks 1150 Series - Black - ET1150B
Mechpro Safety Rubber Tread - MPRRST
Showing 1 - 12 of 12 products

Gear up with the right recovery tracks and hit the trails

Repco stock EXITrack and TRED pro recovery tracks to give you that off roading confidence

Nothing is more frustrating out on the trails than when your vehicle loses traction and you find your wheels spinning instead of charging forward. No matter how gentle on the throttle or how your tyres are deflated there are just some times when getting bogged is inevitable.

This is where a good set of recovery boards are your best friend to assist in the quick 4wd recovery and get you on your way again. Repco stock a wide range of 4wd recovery tracks to truly outfit your rig with the right recovery gear for your outdoor adventure off the beaten track.

Popular Questions Asked

What are recovery tracks?

As you would have seen, whether for form or function, a large number of four wheel drives these days sport 4wd recovery tracks strapped to their rear bar or on their roof racks.

Specially designed to provide added traction for your spinning wheels, these recovery boards are made from tough composite nylon material with hex grip nodules to provide superior grip to your stranded vehicle.

Suitable on any surface from mud and rock through to sand, your heavy duty recovery tracks are one piece of recovery equipment that is a simple and effective in the recovery of your vehicle.

Features of a 4x4 recovery boards

Most recovery tracks are around a metre long and constructed of a dense but lightweight nylon material that is both rigid but extremely flexible. This enables maximum traction on any unstable ground and any four wheel drive recovery board will be able to support your vehicle's weight.

Designed with aggressive entry teeth and a designated shovel feature our TRED pro recovery tracks ensure they dig into the surface and provide vehicle traction to move you forward.

By utilising nylon instead of plastic in their construction enables ultimate wear resistant properties to ensure your recovery tracks last in the toughest environments when you need them most.

How to choose the right recovery board?

From mild to wild your recovery track will consist of a textured and contoured surface that will be providing the grip and traction you need. As sand recovery tracks are the basis for all recovery tracks do you also need the ability of mud recovery tracks if you are exploring that terrain also? Endeavour to get a recovery track that will suit all your off roading situations so you can always get out of sticky situations.

Be sure to look for that nylon composite construction for hard wearing long life as well as improved flexibility and traction. Being light weight also means that a solo recovery if stuck on your own is easier.

Length of your recovery tracks is another factor to consider as you may be constrained by the size of your rig. All leading brands of recovery tracks will enable mounting pins to be utilised to safely and securely attach these to your 4wd.

Repco have the best in recovery gear

Whether seasoned enthusiast or first time novice Repco have the 4x4 recovery tracks, snatch straps and a huge selection of recovery gear to get you home.

Don't be underprepared and battling the elements when a stop at your local Repco store will have you attacking off road tracks and trails with new found enthusiasm. Stay out of trouble and outfit your rig for your next adventure with the quality range of recovery gear from Repco.

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