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TRW Control Arm - JTC348

SKU: A1114183

$142 each

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  • TRW - Track Control Arm
  • Manufactured to the highest original equipment (OE) standards
  • Improved fuel economy with optimised weight and shape
  • Temperature resistant parts that perform in all conditions
  • Enhanced ride handling and performance with a collection of rubber, metal and hydraulic bushes

TRW Control Arms - Improved wheel alignments and fresh bushes all in one package

If you push your car to its limits and demand the best when it comes to grip levels, you'll know that a quality wheel alignment is imperative to allow your suspension setup to work to the best of it's ability. TRW Control Arm replacements are engineered to alter and optimise vital alignment specs including camber and castor, a few critical parts of any car's wheel alignment which can drastically effect handling, grip levels and tyre wear.

While you can re-use your factory control arms when replacing suspension bushes, without a professional mechanics press, removing control arm bushes can be near impossible and you also risk damaging the control arm in the process. TRW replacement control arms come with pre-installed bushes that range from rubber to hydraulic to provide both a comfortable ride but also the taut and direct responsiveness of quality bushes.

Constructed from premium quality materials with the latest in formulation technology to resist weathering as a result of oil, grease, ozone and weathering ensure your new control arms withstand even the toughest of road conditions and provide durability for years to come.

TRW have over 300 part numbers in their Control Arm range and these include both upper and lower Control Arms suited to both the front or rear suspension on your vehicle. Available in both Steel or Aluminium and as both forged or cast components means you will have both the strength and the lightweight construction to limit unsprung weight and provide the best feedback and performance from your vehicles suspension.

Use the rego search function on the Repco website, or talk to one of our staff at your local Repco store today to view our whole range of TRW Control Arms, Brake Pads, Brake Shoes and Brake Fluids for your next brake and suspension job.

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