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Brake Fluid

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Penrite Brake Fluid DOT 5. 1 Non Silicone 500mL - DOT510005
Repco Dot 4 Brake Fluid 1L - RBF4-1L2
Repco Dot 5.1 Brake Fluid 1L - RBF5.1-1L
Silverline Brake Fluid Dot4 5L - SBF4005
Silverline Brake Fluid Dot4 20L - SBF4020
Castrol React Performance Dot 4 Brake Fluid 500mL - 3377737
Penrite Brake Fluid Super DOT 4 20L - BF020
Penrite DOT 3 Brake Fluid 4L - DOT3004
Penrite Racing Brake Fluid 500mL - RBF0005
Penrite Silicone Brake Fluid DOT 5 500 mL - BFSIL0005
Penrite Brake Fluid Super DOT 4 4L - BF004
Repco Dot 4 Brake Fluid 5L - RBF4-5L2
Repco Dot 4 Brake Fluid 500mL - RBF4-500ML2
Castrol Dot 4 Brake Fluid 500ml - 3377669
Repco Dot 5.1 Brake Fluid 250ML - RBF5.1-250ML
Penrite Brake Fluid Super DOT 4 500mL - BF0005
Repco Dot 4 Brake Fluid 250mL - RBF4-250ML2
Penrite DOT 3 Brake Fluid 500mL - DOT30005
Repco Dot 3 Brake Fluid 500mL - RBF3-500ML2
Repco Dot 5.1 Brake Fluid 500ML - RBF5.1-500ML
Showing 1 - 20 of 21 products

Stop in at Repco for all your brake fluid needs

When your brake pedal is a bit spongey, your old brake pads need changing or just to top up your brake fluid reservoir, you need our range of quality brake fluid for the job. Whether a DOT 3 brake fluid, a DOT 4 brake fluid or even a DOT 5.1 means we have the range of formulations specifically designed to suit your vehicle and driving style. As a small but vital component in your vehicles braking system the need to be regularly replacing your brake fluid in line with your service schedule is another step in keeping you and your family safe on the road.

As you browse online or shop at your local Repco store you will discover a vast array of brake fluids from a variety of manufacturers. Whilst each will have it's own properties they will all conform to a DOT (Department of Transport) rating and be formulated in accordance with stringent specifications. Different types of driving and braking requirements will require differing grades of brake fluid and you should always refer to your vehicle manufacturers specification as noted in the owners manual for the grade required.

The main variances between brake fluid is their boiling point and whilst it may seem wise to get the highest grade for you vehicle this isn't advisable. The primary difference between a DOT 3 and DOT 4 is that a DOT 4 will absorb more water over time than a DOT 3 yet have a higher boiling point. The higher boiling point is better for continued heavy braking but the absorption of water has the possibility of corroding brake lines and brake components. As all brake fluid has some element of being hygroscopic this is why the flushing and replacement of your vehicles brake fluid needs to happen on a scheduled basis.

As well as a vast choice in brake fluid Repco stock a large range of automotive braking tools that can help you maintain and service your vehicles brakes and give you the peace of mind of troublefree motoring. Brake bleeders,caliper wind back tools and brake fluid testers are just some of the tools that can assist when you are changing brake pads and brake rotors. Using the right tool for the job is also of importance as this will ensure you can get the job done easily and with a minimum of fuss and struggle.

Stocking such reputable brands as Penrite, Castrol and Bosch gives you the confidence that you can complete your brake service using the finest formulations. These brands continue to develop and refine their range of brake fluid to ensure so you have the grade for your vehicle.

Whether it is the safe repair and servicing of your brake system through to any of the major systems on your vehicle, Repco have you covered. Offering a vast array of tools, fluids and components to make any job as simple and straight forward as possible means we can help you get back on the road sooner. Shop online or stop in at a local Repco store near you to pick the right brake fluid to keep you, your occupants and your vehicle safe.

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