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Genuine OEM Air Mass Meter - Insert - AMAA310N

SKU: A1217114

$1,599 each

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  • OEM Quality fit and performance

Genuine OEM Air Mass Meters

The Air Mass Meter or MAF sensor measures airflow or air mass drawn into the intake of the engine. This measurement is transmitted as a frequency or a variable voltage to the ECM to calculate the correct amount of fuel to deliver via the injectors. , The development of Genuine OEM’s Mass Air Flow Sensor range has been carefully researched and engineered to suit each specific application.p>

Symptoms of a faulty Air Mass Meter may include a decrease in engine power, rough idling, engine hesitating or stalling at acceleration, engine surges at idling and other driveability problems. It’s important to take a comprehensive diagnostic approach prior to changing your Air Mass Meter as there are a number of reasons why the Air Mass Meter might not be working properly without actually being a fault with the Air Mass Meter itself. These might include the Air Cleaner assembly failure which leads to the sensor being covered in dirt and other contaminants. As a result, the Air Mass Meter is unable to read incoming air. There might be an air leak in the cleaning assembly that is causing air to bypass the air filter or there could be loose or damaged wiring to name a few. It is difficult to diagnose an Air Mass Meter based on symptoms alone as other components, when faulty, like the fuel pump, vacuum system and fuel pressure regulator for example, can create similar issues. A digital multimeter (DMM) is an important tool to use when diagnosing Air Mass Meter faults.

By fitting a quality Genuine OEM Air Mass Meter to your car, you can drive with the confidence that your car will run to its maximum potential in terms of power, efficiency and longevity and that all of your car's features will continue to operate correctly for time to come. If you're replacing a switch or sensor, shop our whole range on the Repco website or visit your nearest Repco store and speak with one of our team.