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TRW DTEC Ceramic Brake Pads Set (DB1204) - GDB3172DT

SKU: A1220655

$179 each

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  • DTEC Ceramic technology - All the performance, 45% less dust for cleaner wheels.
  • Multi-component shim easily recognisable thanks to red colour
  • Compliant with ECE R90 regulations
  • Guaranteed performance meeting or exceeding OE standards
  • Advanced silicate coating (COTEC) reducing time needed to bed in brake pads - Cuts stopping distances by up to 47% during initial break in.

COTEC – Best braking from the very beginning

TRW COTEC is a new friction material coating developed by TRW that significantly improves safety after brake pad replacement. The unique, innovative silicate coating with a particularly high friction coefficient is applied to our brake pads only as thin as is absolutely necessary.


  • Supports bedding behavior and reduces the time needed to break in brake pads
  • Achieves ~ 95% of the braking power from the first braking operation on
  • Cuts stopping distances by up to 47% after the brake pads have been replaced – thus considerably increasing the consumer's safety
  • Exceeds the market standard
  • Supports workshops with regard to quickly reaching the prescribed brake values at the brake test bench after conducting repairs

What is the difference between a brake pad without coating and TRW COTEC?

During the first 5 to 10 braking operations, consumers &, workshops benefit from considerably shorter stopping distances. This difference corresponds approximately to the length of one vehicle. This diagram shows the stopping distance from 50 km/h to 0 km/h based on the usual speeds permitted in cities.

DTEC – All the performance, half the dust

TRW DTEC is a brake pad that reduces dust while delivering excellent performance. DTEC stands for "low dust technology", meaning a low-dust friction lining mixture which reduces dust in the rim by 45%. Rims need less cleaning, thus saving water &, cleaning agents. TRW COTEC coating is included in all DTEC models.

What does TRW DTEC do?

  • Multi-component shim for best noise reduction, easily recognizable thanks to its red color
  • High damping characteristics thanks to an innovative lining material that supports the noiseless function of the brakes while guaranteeing excellent performance
  • Same wear resistance as our standard brake pads
  • The ceramic brake pad is also suitable for perforated or slotted brake discs

Trust TRW Brake Pads & Brake Shoes for enhanced braking safety

TRW's extensive range of brake pads and brake shoes cover a large number of vehicles in the Australia and New Zealand car parc. They cut stopping distances by up to 7 metres during the bedding in of the brake pads or shoes. Each set of TRW brake pads come with any fitting accessories required to put them on your vehicle. They back their product with a 24,000km warranty to give you peace of mind that you are purchasing a quality product.

TRW designs and manufacturers OE braking systems so they know what they are doing when it comes to supplying replacement brake parts.High quality shims are provided to act as a noise reducing damper between the pad and the caliper. It is the same type of metal shim that is found in the Original Equipment provided by the vehicle manufacturer. TRW shims are tested in a laboratory and on the road to make sure the NVH (Noise Vibration Harshness) levels are reduced. The brake pads meet ECE R90 specifications and are laboratory and road tested to ensure they meet a high standard. The brake pad backing plates are made from a high quality steel and are powder coated to stop them rusting. A special adhesive that can tolerate extremely high temperatures and has a high sheer strength is used to bond the pad friction material to the backing plate. The friction material is heated to 700 degrees Celsius to remove any trapped gases and resins. All this is done to make sure TRW products are fit for purpose for your next brake service.

Repco have all the tools and and parts you require to maintain your brakes. Use the rego search function on the Repco website, or talk to one of our staff at your local Repco store today to view our whole range of Brake Pads, Brake Shoes and Brake Fluids for your next brake job.