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Penrite 4 Stroke 15W-50 PAO and Ester Motorcycle Oil 4L - MC415W50004

SKU: A1220593
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  • PREMIUM 100% PAO and ESTER base oils for maximum heat resistance and high performance
  • FULL ZINC+ additive pack for ultimate wear protection
  • SHEAR FREE formulation eliminates viscosity loss
  • LATEST oil technology for less wear, sludge and piston deposits
  • MAXIMUM power and acceleration
  • FACTORY PROVEN by competition race teams
  • Trusted protection for performance engines
  • Suitable for use with wet clutch systems (JASO MA, JASO MA1 and JASO MA2)
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Penrite A Better Class of Oil

Motorcycle 4 Stroke PAO and Ester 15W-50 is the superior performance premium engine oil with 100% PAO and Ester, full synthetic base oils combined with the latest additive technology including FULL ZINC (exceeding 1800 ppm levels) for maximum engine, gearbox and clutch protection against wear, corrosion, oil oxidation, piston deposits and sludge under all conditions.

Repco's vast range of Penrite Lubricants includes a complete line-up of Penrite Engine Oils, Penrite Transmission fluids, Penrite Gear Oils, Penrite Additives, Penrite Coolants and Penrite Motorcycle and Marine Products. Repco carries Penrite mineral engine oils as well as semi-synthetic and full synthetic engine oils, giving our customers the best selection of lubricants to suit their vehicles.

Penrite can help you take care of your daily drive with Penrite Enviro+, Penrite Vantage or Penrite Everyday, your classic car with Penrite Classic Mineral, or your diesel 4WD and performance car with Penrite HPR. You can order your Penrite Oils in capacities ranging from 1 litre to 60 litres meaning regardless of your application, Repco has you covered.

Not sure what oil, coolant or additive is right for your car? Try Rego Search and add your vehicle to your garage and we'll show you the best Penrite lubricants to suit for your vehicle.