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GPC Asia Pacific, through its Repco division (“Repco”), operates the Repco Ignition Program. These Terms and Conditions set out the operation and benefits of the Repco Ignition Program. By becoming a Repco Ignition member and using your Repco Ignition Card, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

Members will receive benefits and offers from time to time as determined by Repco, who may alter, vary or terminate these offers at any time. Repco Ignition member discounts and benefits will only be provided upon presentation of a Repco Ignition card or program membership details, including in-store, on the website or via a third party portal if applicable. Repco Ignition membership is provided at Repco’s discretion. Repco reserve the right to cancel a Repco Ignition membership and cease communications without notice. Members have no claim against Repco for the loss of Repco Ignition benefits in the event of membership cancellation. The Repco Ignition card is not transferable and remains the property of Repco. Repco Ignition cards are valid at all Repco stores. Information concerning Repco Ignition members, including information collected during the registration process, will be held in a database and used and disclosed only in accordance with the Repco Privacy Policy available @ By becoming a Repco Ignition member you consent to information from that database being used for communications purposes via email, push notifications and SMS, and for purposes relating to the Repco Ignition program, in accordance with the Repco Privacy Policy. Repco may amend or replace these Terms and Conditions and the benefits of the Repco Ignition Program at any time without notice. Repco will notify Repco Ignition members of changes via email and also display a notice on the Repco website @