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Car Battery Chargers

Showing 1 - 20 of 58 products
Repco Battery Charger 9 Stage 6V/12V - 5 Amp - RBC5SS3
Hurry Sale Ends - 18/01/2022
Repco Battery Charger 9 Stage 6/12V - 8 Amp - RBC8SS3
Hurry Sale Ends - 18/01/2022
Redarc DC-DC Battery Charger Dual Input 25A - BCDC1225D
Hurry Sale Ends - 18/01/2022
CTEK Battery Charger 12V 5Amp - MXS5.0
Hurry Sale Ends - 18/01/2022
CTEK Battery Charger 12V 3.8Amp - MXS3.8
Hurry Sale Ends - 18/01/2022
Repco Battery Charger 9 Stage 6V/12V - 2.5 Amp - RBC25SS3
Hurry Sale Ends - 18/01/2022
CTEK Battery Charger 12V 0.8Amp - XS0.8
Hurry Sale Ends - 18/01/2022
Maxi Trac DC-DC Battery Charger with Solar Input 20A - MTDCDC20A
Repco Battery Charger - RBC40LS3
CTEK Battery Charger 12V 7Amp - MXS7.0
Repco Battery Charger 7 Stage 6V/12V - 7 Amp - RBC7SMS3
12v Automatic 1 Amp 5 Stage Lithium Battery Charger
Projecta Battery Charger 12V 16A - PC1600
Projecta Battery Charger 12V 25A
Battery Charger Marine 12V 7A - M100
Projecta Low Voltage Disconnect 30A 12V - LVD30
Repco Battery Charger 7 Stage 6V/12V - 4 Amp - RBC4SMS3
Projecta Battery Charger 6/12/24V 21A
Repco Battery Charger 9 Stage 6V/12V - 16 Amp - RBC16SS3
CTEK Battery Charger 12V 10Amp - MXS10
Showing 1 - 20 of 58 products

Maintaining batteries is a breeze with a quality battery charger from Repco to extend your battery life

Our battery chargers save you time and money

Whether a cold winters morning, or late at night, there is never a good time for a flat battery. Don't risk it and get a battery charger from Repco and never be late home or miss school drop off. Ranging in size and price for every budget we have the range of battery chargers to suit lead acid batteries as well all types of automotive and marine batteries. Stocking the best sellers in battery chargers from CTek, Projecta and Repco mean peace of mind when you need it.

Stocking chargers to recharge not just lead acid batteries but all battery variants

Batteries these days come in a number of formats suiting a variety of applications, and with the ever-increasing cost of replacement batteries, battery care is important. No longer are the old lead acid batteries the standard, and with many new vehicles using Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) for Stop / Start functions, your battery life needs to be in top condition when you turn the key. Using a quality battery charger tailored to your specific requirements is your best bet to provide the reliable cranking power to get you going and prolong battery life.

There are a range of battery chargers available to suit every battery type, purchasing the correct charger for your battery type is critical. Buying on price alone is not the only factor when considering chargers. Selecting the right charger for your battery type will ensure your battery or batteries are being maintained at an optimal level. Cheaper battery chargers are ideal for lead acid batteries however may not be ideal or suitable to more modern battery technology.

Modern battery chargers for modern battery technology

Modern battery charger technology is designed to enable inbuilt diagnostics to determine current battery health and allows options not just to recharge, but store and maintain charge, ensuring long life battery performance. Whether choosing fast battery charging capabilities or a battery maintenance mode enables you to know that when you turn the key your car battery will be primed and ready to go.

With an easy to read digital display and clear description of stages these modern battery chargers address both safety and ease of use. CTek produce a battery monitor that works in tandem with their battery charger products to collect information on your battery health and send a message straight to your mobile device if charging falls below a set level. If you are maintaining a fleet of batteries, you can use multiple monitors to compare battery life and provide a sign all are holding charge via the handy mobile app.

Many battery chargers also offer quick connect eyelets, so you have a readily accessible contact plug to be instantly connected and charging your battery. No more messing around with dirty battery terminals and clips when you can just plug and go and leave your battery charger to do its work. Battery chargers like CTEK have a range of accessories you can add to your charger and make maintaining batteries easy and store your car with confidence.

Repco have the right battery charger and battery accessories for you

With our extensive array, best brand names and great availability we are sure to stock a battery charger to suit your requirements and battery type. Stocking not just the best sellers in battery chargers but offering the complete solution with booster cables and jump starters means we can get you going quickly. If, however your battery is well past its best our diverse range of vehicle batteries provide the power solutions you need at the best pricing.

With our stores located nationwide, you'll be sure to have one near you with battery chargers to suit your needs. Shop, order and pay online and select out click and collect function at your nearest Repco store, we can even provide delivery services to get it to you fast. Stay up to date with our exclusive offers, promotions, discounts, and new products when you also join our Ignition program through the Repco website.

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