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Chemical Guys Wheelie Wheel & Tyre Brush - ACCG08
Chemical Guys Red Rocket Vehicle Detailing Brush - ACC608
Gearup Wheel Cleaning Brush - GUWB-2
Bowden's Own The Foursome Detailing Brush Set - BO4SOME
Meguiar's Wheel Brush - AX3100
Bowden's Own Big Black One Wheel Brush - BOBLACK
BTech Deluxe Long Car Wash Brush - BT1933

Motortech Brake Cleaner 400g

A fast-drying solution that cleans brake components and parts without the need for disassembly.

Meguiar's Universal Wheel Brush - AX3000
Chemical Guys Yellow Stiffy Vehicle Detailing Brush - ACCG02
BTech Four Sided Soft Car Wash Brush - BT1773
Bowden's Own Little Chubby Wheel Brush - BOCHUBBY
Eclipse Flow Through Car Wash Brush
Autosol Brake Dust Brush Large - BRUB
Kenco Spray & Wash Brush - KBWWSPW
Bowden's Own Plush Detailing Brush - BOPB
Kenco Premium Wheel Brush - KBWW
Raven Brush & Handle - 11043
Raven Brush & Handle Blade Replacement - 1007
Raven Brush & Handle - 1103
Showing 1 - 19 of 19 products

Shop Our Range Of Car Wash Brushes

Brush up your car cleaning regime with our range of quality car wheel and interior brushes from Repco. Don't be just glossing over the top of badges, fiddly interior plastics and intricate wheel designs when with a suitable car brush you can get in to all the nooks and crannies to safely and easily remove dirt and grime.Get into your local Repco store an find the right car cleaning products with top brands under the one roof. From Bowden's Own, Meguiars, Gear Up, Autosol and Eclipse.

Choose the right car brush to get the best results

No matter your specific needs, our range of car wash brushes cover every area of your vehicle. Some of the brush variants we carry are

  • Wheel Brushes - Whether long or short handled, microfibre or bristle head, our range of wheel brushes are the only way to get an immaculate finish on your car wheels. With modern brake pad compounds sacrificing brake dust for improved stopping you only need a couple of days of driving to have your clean wheels suddenly caked with brown brake dust again. With a suitable spray on wheel cleaner and the easy agitation of a quality wheel brush you can have sparkling rims again in no time. Designed to clean in and around spokes, wheel nuts and intricate details your wheel brush will save you the frustration of leaving your car cleaning half finish when you still have dirty wheels.
  • Detailing Brushes - Just like you have a number of paint brushes to paint both large and small areas, so to do Detailing Brushes come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Perfect for both interior and exterior surfaces these brushes make short work of dust build up in air conditioning vents and around switches and gauges, whilst the larger brushes are particularly suited for exterior badges and details. Don't be using that worn out shaggy headed old toothbrush to get a satisfactory result when a set of proper detailing brushes will do twice the job in half the time.
  • Interior Brushes - Sensitive velour, alcantara and even leather can benefit from the soft cleaning capabilities of a quality interior brush. Door trims, seats, dash pads and boot areas all become subjected to dust and fluff build up and these coverings can be easily maintained with a quick wipe over whether dry or with a suitable cleaner.

Check out online faster, using our click and collect and click and delivery services across Australia and New Zealand. Not sure where to begin, get in contact with your local Repco store to compare products, find out if special offers or deals are available, and detail regarding the different products.

Here at Repco we strive to provide you the best when it comes to your cars, boats and trucks. Scrub away the dirt, knowing you are using durable products, that protect the longevity of your vehicles paint work and interior.

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