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Tyre Repair

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Maxi Trac 47 Piece Tyre Repair Kit - MTTRKS4
Maxi Trac Tyre Repair Kit 8 Piece
Slime Super Duty Tyre Repair Sealant 32 oz - 10009
Holts Tyreweld Tyre Repair 500ml - HT5SFKY6
Slime Tyre Repair Tackle Kit - 9 PC - 20133
Maxi Trac Tyre Repair Plugs - 20PK - MTTRKP
Slime Tyre Repair Tube Sealant 16oz - 10004

Motortech Brake Cleaner 400g

A fast-drying solution that cleans brake components and parts without the need for disassembly.

Maxi Trac Motorcycle & Bike Tyre Repair Kit 23 Piece
Holts Tyre Weld 300ml - HT2Y
Slime Tyre Repair Tube Sealant 8 oz - 10003
MaxiTrac Tyre Repair Sealant - 600 ml
Holts Tyre Weld Emergency Puncture Repair 500ml - HT4Y
Maxi Trac Tyre Repair Rubber Cement Tub 250ml
Maxi Trac Tyre Repair Rubber Cement 12ml Tube Twin Pack
Maxi Trac Presta to Schrader Tyre Valve Adaptors - MTA1
Maxi Trac Tyre Repair Kit 11 Piece
Maxi Trac Long Stem Tyre Valves 2 Pack
Maxi Trac Tyre Repair Plugs 5 Pack
Slime Smart Spair Flat Tyre Repair Kit - 50107
Showing 1 - 19 of 32 products

Save time and money with a tyre puncture repair kit from Repco

Don't let a flat tyre ruin your day when you can handle the tyre repairs

Whether out on the trails or just parked at the shopping centre there is never a good time for a punctured tyre. An errant nail or all manner of sharp objects can really deflate your day when you are faced with the prospect of having to change the wheel and then repair the tyre.

This is where a tyre repair kit from Repco can fix the punctured tyre and give you a safe spare tyre with a minimum of fuss.

Popular Questions Asked

Do tyre puncture repair kits work?

Depending on the type of puncture, a comprehensive tyre repair kit can handle a number of puncture repairs to provide a safe spare you can drive on. Bear in mind that all puncture repairs are only temporary and you will need to have it checked by your local mechanic or tyre shop.

Ensure that with any repair you have done the tyre is inflated to back to it's recommended pressure. Driving on an underinflated or flat tyre will compromise the structural integrity of the tyre and in most cases you will need to purchase a new tyre even if your tyres have plenty of tread left.

Is tyre sealant a good fix for a flat tyre?

Tyre repair using a sealant has its benefits but once again this type of fix is only temporary and you should never drive more that 80-100 kilometres. Only debris causing small punctures can be repaired this way and it is suggested that you drive straight to a tyre shop to have them determine whether the tyre is repairable or needs replacing.

Do I need a new tyre if I have a puncture?

If the diameter of the puncture is less than 6mm you can go about safely repairing the punctured tyre. Small punctures such as a nail or screw would be possible to repair once you can pull and remove the debris. Larger items that cause more damage may not be repairable and will require a new tyre.

Repco stock all your tyre repair needs

Whether a puncture repair kit, an 12v air compressor or even a tyre pressure gauge your local Repco store has the range of tyre care to suit. With a comprehensive selection in store and our home delivery service we can get it to you fast to have you and your car back on the road.

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