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Tyre Pressure Gauges

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Slime Tyre Pressure Gauge 0-60psi - Magnetic - 20055
Maxi Trac Digital Tyre Guage
Maxi Trac Dual Head Tyre Gauge
Maxi Trac Pencil Tyre Gauge
Maxi Trac Tyre Gauge
Maxi Trac Tyre Gauge
Maxi Trac Tyre Depth Gauge

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Slime Tyre Pressure Gauge 10-160psi - Dual Hose - 2020-A
Slime Tyre Pressure Gauge 20-120psi - Bike - 2005-A
ProEquip Tyre Pressure Gauge 0-60 PSI - Straight Chuck - PE1310
ProEquip Tyre Pressure Gauge 0-60 PSI w/Flex Hose - PE1320
In-Line Oiler - MPILO
Showing 1 - 12 of 12 products

Tyre Pressure Gauges

A tyre pressure gauge is one of the most vital tools you can have in your tool kit. Tyre pressure is a very important component in the day to day operation of your vehicle. Incorrect tyre pressure can cause uneven tyre wear, affect vehicle handling, impact fuel economy and if unchecked can eventually cause tyre failure. The tyres are your only contact with the road so looking after them is important. Tyre pressures need to be checked regularly just like oil & water.

A lot of new cars now monitor tyre pressure. Tyre pressures can be changed if required depending on what environment you are in or if carrying heavy loads. If in soft sand or mud, reducing tyre pressures help traction. If carrying heavy loads add in additional air pressure ideally before loading the vehicle. It depends on the tyre and the additional weight you are adding as to how much you need to increase the pressure.

Popular Questions Asked

What are the 3 types of Tyre Pressure Gauge?

Stick Tyre Pressure Gauge - A pencil shaped gauge that has a valve stem attachment on one end. The other has a graduated stick that pops out of the top of the tyre pressure gauge when pressurised. The closest mark to where the stick comes out of the body of the gauge is the pressure reading. To reset, push the stick back into the body.

Analogue Tyre Pressure Gauge - A pencil shaped gauge that has a valve stem attachment on one end. The other has a round dial that measures air pressure using a needle usually in PSI & KPA. It holds the pressure until you push a release button to zero the gauge. The valve stem attachment may be on a hose.

Digital Tyre Pressure Gauge - These can be various different shapes. Some will measure in PSI, some in KPA and some will do both. They all have a valve stem attachment and will hold the air pressure reading until reset. A digital gauge has a clear readout compared to the other 2 gauges where you have to take care when checking the reading.

Is it worth buying a Tyre Pressure Gauge?

Yes, it is. Petrol station gauges cop a lot of abuse so can sometimes be inaccurate. By having your own good quality gauge you can be sure your tyre pressure readings are accurate.

Which tyre pressure gauge is best, Analogue or Digital?

Both have their pros and cons. Digital gauges are easier to read where analogue gauges do not have batteries that go flat. Analogue gauges being mechanical in operation are sensitive to shock and environmental changes and can go out of spec easier than digital gauges. Digital gauges are more expensive than analogue gauges.

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