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Cookware & Dining

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Maxi Trac Folding Fire Pit & BBQ
Thermos Travel Mug Stainless Steel - DF2000
Dusc 12V Portable Food Warmer
Maxi Trac Travel Oven 12V
Maxi Trac Kettle 12V
Thermos Hammertone Flask 710mL - SK3020
GearUp 12V Cooler and Warmer 8L - GUCW8LM2

Motortech Brake Cleaner 400g

A fast-drying solution that cleans brake components and parts without the need for disassembly.

Thermos Stainless Steel Flask 1L - DV100
Campmaster 20L Clear Collapsible Water Container - CM5305
Showing 1 - 9 of 9 products

Camping Cookware & Dining

Camping cookware and dining covers a multitude of products. I have highlighted some of the more popular items below. This gives a brief insight into why you would want to buy and use the item while camping, travelling or even at home.

Popular Questions Asked

Why use Charcoal/Wood Fired Cookers?

The charcoal/wood cooker is time and labour consuming but some people enjoy the challenge of cooking just like their ancestors. Boiling a billy for tea or coffee is a good way to start, then you can work your way up to grilling or pan frying all sorts of food while at the same time constantly adjusting/checking the fire underneath. It is a specialist skill and gives a real sense of achievement when mastered.

Why do I need a Butane Gas Cooker?

The butane gas cooker is quick, simple, safe, easy to use and portable. Like any gas fired cooker, the golden rule is keep some full spare gas bottles handy. At least these bottles are small, easy to carry and change over, unlike the large gas bottles used on home BBQ's. They all have self-igniters so you don't need matches or a lighter. They are compact and easy to carry and some come with hot plates. Great for hiking or easy to set up in a park for a BBQ.

Why use Cast Iron Cookware?

Cast iron pans or skillets are a great way to cook and if properly seasoned are a natural non-stick alternative to a Teflon pan. Even eggs won't stick to them. They have disadvantage's as they are heavy, handles get hot and you need to match the pan to the size of your burner as while they retain heat they don't transfer it effectively. The good points are they last forever, are really cheap compared to a quality Teflon pan and they stay hot keeping food warm.

Why should I have a Thermos?

A stainless steel Thermos is something everyone should have at home as they are incredibly practical and robust. They keep foods and liquids hot and cold and are simple to use and clean. Stainless steel is a great material as it does not absorb any smells or odours and cleans easily. The trick with them is pre-heat or cool the thermos prior to using it. If you do, they will retain the heat or cold longer as the food or liquid you put in is not trying to cool or heat the stainless steel.

For hot items like tea, coffee or soup, fill the Thermos with hot tap water or boiled jug water and leave it about 3 or 4 minutes before using it. You can leave the lid off. Then drain and add in your liquids and seal. For cold items, like water, soft drink, iced tea or your favourite mixer drink the process is similar though you use cold tap water and some ice cubes to chill it. You can even add ice when refilling it.

The Thermos food containers accept anything you can think of that will fit in them. The same preheating or cooling applies. The are simply a wider version of your liquid thermos. You can even use your liquid thermos to hold food and long as it isn't sticky like rice.

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