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Toledo Powerbar Impact Wrench - 301337

SKU: A1227065

$203 each

  • 1/2 inch Sq. Dr
  • Able to generate up to 600 Ft. Lbs of torque with a single blow
  • Suitable for use on pulleys, fly wheels, couplings, flanges, lawn mower base plates
  • Remove harmonic balancer bolt without radiator removal

Toledo Powerbar Impact Wrench

If you spend lots of time working on your car or simply tinkering with your vehicles, then look no further as this tool may be a handy addition to your garage!

This Toledo Hand Impact Wrench is built tough and is the ideal garage tool for avid project car enthusiast or home DIYers who want to save some dollars servicing their own daily drivers.

A hand impact wrench is an innovative tool designed specifically to loosen high torque and tight bolts using shock impact.

This wrench is manufactured to a high standard and, if used correctly, will provide years of trouble-free performance!

Features and specifications include:

  • Size: 1/2inch Sq. Dr.
  • Overall length: 560mm

Toledo is the leading name in quality automotive specialty tools in Australia. Established over 65 years ago and innovating ever since with the introduction of over 3200 products made to help you do the job quicker, easier, correct and safe. There's a chance your toolbox already has a Toledo product in it from the last time you did that one finicky job on your car, whether it was separating a ball joint, compressing a coil springs or aligning a clutch.

The extensive range of Toledo specialty tools includes some of the most interesting well-thought-out tools that you would have previously needed to fabricate specifically for the job at hand, tools like the radiused drive pulley spanner set or the CV boot installation tool kit, it's all so genius and they take their time to think through the task so you don't need to. The full range includes timing tools, diagnostic and inspection tools, precision measuring tools, brake tools, cooling system pressure testing tools, grease guns, feeler gauges, bodywork tools, electrical testing and repair tools, pully removal tools and many many more.

Special order the full range of Toledo Specialty Automotive Tools online or visit a Repco store near you to order today.