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Repco Infrared Thermometer - RST195

SKU: A1226555

$189 each

  • Quickly & easily obtains surface temperature
  • Temperature range: -60C to +550C
  • Built in laser
  • One handed, non-contact operation
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Auto data hold & auto power off
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Figure out the faults with an Infrared Thermometer from Repco

Repco's flagship tool range is targeted at serious enthusiasts and professional workshops. This high quality IR thermometer looks sleek and stylish, but most importantly is easy to use and packed with features. Quickly scan a suspected blocked radiator or catalytic converter and the auto data hold function will keep the readout displayed on the backlit LCD screen until you're ready to scan again, meaning you can get out of the impact zone and avoid exposure to extreme temperatures. The small size and ergonomic handle and trigger system allow for a one handed operation in recording temperatures ranging from negative 60 degrees Celsius up to 550 degrees Celsius.

From automotive enthusiasts to professional mechanics alike, Repco has you covered for a range of speciality automotive tools. Diagnostics is the first step in the right direction when trying to eliminate issues with your car. Don't leave it up to web-searches and internet mechanics to take guesses at why your car isn't running right, invest in a quality infrared thermometer and start investigating for yourself. Simply point and shoot to get instant feedback on the surface temperature of your vehicle's vital components. You might be wondering how a thermometer can help diagnose conditions resulting in sub-par operation of your motor, but don't underestimate the versatility of this little gadget. Use an IR thermometer to:

  • Identify cooling system blockages by scanning for hot-spots
  • Scan for belt slip by checking pulley and belt temps
  • Diagnose misfires by scanning exhaust temperature
  • Detect excess heat in braking components
  • Monitor tyre temperatures at the race track

Don't be left stranded or with a blown up motor for ignoring serious issues like misfire conditions, blocked radiators and worn out belts. Use an IR thermometer today to accurately identify what needs fixing so you can continue cruising, racing or bush-bashing with a happy and healthy machine.