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Repco Air Filter - RAF316

SKU: A1218729

$84 each

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  • Repco Filters are engineered to meet or exceed the vehicle manufacturer's performance requirements.
  • Repco Filters satisfy new vehicle warranty requirements
  • OEM quality and performance
  • The type and amount of media is engineered to exceed our stringent requirements for Filter performance- increasing their effectiveness in removing contaminants, improving service life and optimising fuel economy
  • Full National warranty on all Repco filters

Repco Air Filters

The key to a reliable car is to maintain all it's moving parts and ensure it's getting the right amount of fuel, air, cooling and lubrication. Keep your car's engine efficient by replacing your air filter, oil and fuel filters at the correct service intervals is the first step in this ongoing maintenance. Repco air filters are designed to match or out-perform the original manufacturers design giving you the peace of mind of only fitting parts that will enhance and improve your vehicle. Manufactured at world class facilities all Repco air filters are subject to full in house testing for flow, filtration and build quality by teams of highly qualified engineers. Only then, once benchmarked against leading brands and manufacturers OE specifications do Repco put their name to it, so you know you can rely on Repco air filters for comprehensive filtration and engine protection. With a clean air filter providing greater fuel economy it makes good sense to replace your air filter whenever your performance drops as the fuel savings can offset the purchase in as little as 3-5 tankfuls of fuel

All Repco air filters use the highest grade synthetic and cellulose paper in our air filters to ensure maximum filtration efficiency throughout the life of the unit. Extensive development and research coupled with real world testing enable the full range of Repco air filters, oil filters, fuel filters and cabin filters to satisfy the stringent specifications of the vehicle manufacturers warranty. See the full range online or visit a Repco store near you.

Changing your vehicles air filter is one of the easiest and hassle free jobs you can do at home and can be accomplished with a minimum of tools or specialist knowledge. Using our online rego search tool can identify and purchase the correct filter in a matter of minutes and utilise our delivery service or come in store to collect. and you can accomplish this basic maintenance with ease.