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Bosch Oxygen Sensor 4 Wire - 0258986505

SKU: A1218838

$234 each

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  • Patented submersible connection system, which protects against contamination, extreme temperatures and engine vibrations

Bosch Oxygen Sensor - Ensures the correct air/fuel ratio is supplied to your engine

The job of an oxygen sensor (also referred to as a lambda sensor) is to continually measure the oxygen content in the exhaust gases of your engine. Also referred to as an 02 sensor, it ensures the correct air/fuel ratio for your engine, allowing it to run correctly.

Bringing together comprehensive expertise in vehicle technology and hardware, Bosch paves the way when it comes to switches and sensors. Bosch incorporate the latest tech into their range of switches and sensors, inspiring confidence in drivers who use their products. With a reputation for OEM production, Bosch switches and sensors are built to match or exceed the quality and performance of factory pieces meaning you can rely on them to do their job while you focus on driving. Just some of the switches and sensors which Bosch offer include:

  • Oxygen sensors
  • Crankshaft sensors
  • Camshaft sensors
  • Fuel pressor sensors
  • MAP sensors
  • Fuel pressure sensors

To shop the whole range of switches and sensors, browse the Repco website or head into your local Repco store and speak to one of the team today.

To shop our whole range of switches and sensors, visit the Repco website today or head into your local Repco store and talk to one of our team today.

Gone are the days of carburettors and points ignition, when it comes to running modern cars pretty much everything is electronically calculated, adjusted, transmitted and actuated by your ECU or ECM. Whilst the ECU is able to do all the clever calculations and literally operate your car, it relies on the switches and sensors to transmit all of the necessary information it requires in order to allow the ECU to do its job including oil pressure, fuel pressure, coolant temperature, A/C pressure, power steering pressure and even fuel temperature. Behaving as your car's nervous system, faults in automotive switches or sensors can cause issues such as a lack of power, poor efficiency, overheating, internal engine damage or a car that won’t run, start or idle at all. Whilst your switches and sensors will take care of engine vitals such as oil pressure indication, coolant temperature and oil temperature, various switches and sensors also allow the operation of some of the extra features you wouldn't want to be without.

Subjected to harsh under-bonnet conditions, just like other components of your car, old switches and sensors can fail over time and give incorrect data or no data at all to the ECU. Often these issues will flag up a check engine light on the car which is useful if you have a code reader, however sometimes the issue will remain a mystery. We recommend testing your suspect sensors with a multi-meter to track down the issue. By testing for continuity, voltage and resistance, you can confirm the issue and get stuck into fitting a replacement switch. By fitting quality replacement switches and sensors to your car, you can drive with the confidence that your car will run to its maximum potential in terms of power, efficiency and longevity and that all of your car's features will continue to operate correctly for time to come. If you're replacing a switch or sensor, shop our whole range on the Repco website or visit your nearest Repco store and speak with one of our team.

Number of Wires
M18 x 1.25