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Repco CV Driveshaft

SKU: A1220934

$552 each

  • Heat-Treated & Precision Machined Solid Steel Center Shafts. Improved product life
  • Heat-Treated Machine-Ground Cages, Races & Bearings. Ensures better performance and longer ilfe
  • Assembled with High-Quality Neoprene Dust Boots & Stainless Steel boot clamps. Dramatically reduces water ingress and prevents contamination
  • High quality grease withstands high-temperature and high-torque demand to ensure long-lasting, reliable performance.
  • Life expectancy of 100,000+ km
  • 5 Year/100,000km Warranty
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Got the shakes when it comes to vehicle vibration, fix it with our range of quality Repco replacement drive shafts

Maybe picking up good vibrations comes from a Beach Boys song but it's only bad vibrations when it comes to worn and faulty drive shafts on your vehicle. Whether it be the knocking sound of worn and leaking CV joints or the vibration and shudder of drive shafts at the end of their life you can rely on Repco to provide the replacement you need. These ready to install complete shaft assembly include all the components required for a quick easy job replacing your full shaft assembly to get back on the road sooner.

The range of quality replacement drive shafts have been manufactured to stand up to the harsh punishment these components endure and by replacing these when due will save on long term issues that can be costly. Most vehicles today whether they be front wheel drive, rear wheel drive or all-wheel drive rely on driveshafts and constant velocity (CV) joints to transmit power to the wheels. Excessive play in the drive shafts of your vehicle will produce both vibration and speed up wear to surrounding parts and components leading to the possibility of failure. Drive shaft vibration also plays a factor in the wear and necessity to replace CV joints as these also come with a high risk of failure if left unchecked. By purchasing an all in one unit with both the drive shaft and CV joint ensures you have a perfectly balanced and machined component to ensure long lasting, reliable performance.

Keep on top of any potential problems by visually checking these periodically and ensuring any additional signs other than noise and vibration may be excess grease on components or tears in the CV boot. Browse online and use our Rego search tool to find the right drive shaft for your vehicle or come in store and chat to one of our friendly staff and keep your vehicle running its best.