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Clutch Industries Heavy Duty Clutch Kit - R2477N

SKU: A1226793

$1,561 kit

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  • Designed and manufactured to replace the clutch system installed as Original Equipment
  • Each component is tested and developed for specific applications within the Australian and New Zealand markets
  • Quality Assured replacement parts that will meet or exceed the requirements of an original vehicle
  • Each and every kit is further supported by the Manufacturer's 'No Fault Warranty Policy'

Clutch Industries Heavy Duty Clutch Kit - 20% higher torque capacity with no compromise on driveability

Need a tough, no-nonsense clutch upgrade? The Clutch Industries Heavy-Duty Clutch Kit is engineered to handle bucket loads of torque, leaving standard clutches in the dust. With the ability to withstand the rugged demands of workhorse or trade vehicles, the Clutch Industries Heavy Duty Clutch Kit offers higher clamping forces than stock to generate on average 20% higher torque capacity than the original clutch. These heavy-duty clutch upgrades are just at home on a trade vehicle full of tools as they are in your caravan-hauling SUV or modified street performance car with a bit more power than stock. Simply put, Clutch Industries Heavy Duty Clutches are designed for cars involved in activities which subject the clutch to higher than standard loads, however are equally comfortable on congested city streets with no compromise on pedal feel, driveability or reliability. If you're clutch is due for a replacement, it's a good idea to select a Heavy Duty option when upgrading as this can future-proof your car for any potential towing, trade use or modifications later in it's life meaning that you don't need to replace a perfectly good clutch if you choose to invest in a boat or caravan, use your car for work or trade purpose or tune an extra few kilowatts out of your project car. Think your car might need something a bit more serious or just not sure if this clutch kit is right for you? Head over to our understanding clutch systems page for a full break-down.

When it comes time to replace or upgrade your clutch, few brands offer a range as wide as Clutch Industries. With almost 70 years experience of local design, development and manufacturing experience, Clutch Industries have become the largest and most experienced clutch system manufacturer in Australia with all manufacturing carried out right here in Australia. Through extensive in-house research, development and real-world testing pushing their clutch kits to the absolute extreme, Clutch Industries have come to offer a range of clutches which make light work of the stresses imposed on clutch systems in regular street driving, stop-start city traffic, high-impact trade use, upgraded or modified vehicles and off-road trailblazing machines.

Need something a little more serious for a properly high-horsepower build or a car that sees regular race-track abuse? Browse Clutch Industries' sister brand Mantic Clutch for a range of seriously high performing clutches, but be warned, these aren't for the faint hearted. To browse our whole clutch range including clutches, master cylinders, slave cylinders or a whole bunch of other replacement driveline parts, browse the website using the REGO search function or head into your local Repco store and speak with one of our friendly team today.