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Quinton Hazell Water Pump OE Fit European Quality - QCP3603

SKU: A1227749

$535 each

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  • OEM fit and design
  • European quality
  • Keep your car running at the correct operating temperature

Quinton Hazell Water Pump

Quinton Hazell, QH, is one of the most recognized in the automotive aftermarket auto parts. The name is synonymous with quality, a pioneering name in British Automotive history. They created the concept of the "parts kit". Everything you need to do the job. Incorporating many new lines in addition to their OE quality auto parts, without compromise. QH offers one of the most comprehensive automotive aftermarket product ranges in the world, providing auto parts from all major categories, from electrics, brakes, cooling, internal engine components, steering, suspension, transmission and more.

Replacing your water pump should always be done at the manufacturer specified interval, however we also recommend changing your water pump whenever you change your engine's timing belt kit since these are both components buried together deep in the engine bay. This will save you the painstaking task of dismantling the timing cover area more than you need to, don't forget to grab some fresh coolant too since you'll have to drain it to fit a replacement water-pump.

When fitting a replacement water pump, we also recommend changing out your radiator hoses, coolant and any other cooling related service partsto ensure your whole coolant system is fresh and ready to go. We also recommend running a coolant flush through your radiator when you change your water pump. With a totally fresh, contaminant free cooling system, you can extend the longevity of your cooling system and all its components.

Use the rego search function on the Repco website today or head into your local Repco store to find a replacement water-pump to suit your vehicle.