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Dayco Thermostat Housing Gasket - DTG29U

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  • Manufactured to OE specifications
  • Precision temperature pill allows for perfect opening and closing
  • Nationwide Warranty

Dayco Thermostats

For such a small component in your engines cooling system a thermostat is definitely one part you don't want failing. The risk of catastrophic damage of a blown motor or cracked cylinder head will see you stranded with a repair bill in the thousands if your engine has overheated from lack of coolant flow by a malfunctioning thermostat. Whether towing a caravan up a steep grade or stuck in traffic on a 40 degree day choose a thermostat that is synonymous with quality and go with Dayco.

Dayco thermostats are designed to OEM specifications and come with a heat sensing wax filled copper power pill that detects the coolant temperature in the engine. The Dayco thermostats amazing heat sensing power pill controls coolant flow from the radiator when the engine is cold to reach optimum operating temperature quickly. It then allows coolant to circulate through the engine when operating temperature is reached to create the perfect temperature controlled engine environment.

Engines work their best when they run within an optimal temperature range and a correctly functioning thermostat is vital to this operation. Too cold and the engine oil won't be up to temperature and won't offer sufficient protection for the engine internals, whilst too hot and the oil will thin out and lose those protection characteristics on vital components such a engine bearings and rotating assemblies. Running the correct thermostat will ensure the coolant remains static until up to temperature and then circulate once the thermostat opens. Whether using a standard or heavy duty Dayco thermostat in your engine will ensure the coolant flow is constant and coupled with a clean radiator will offer effective coolant circulation and keep temperatures where they should be.

Use Repco's Rego search tool online to find the Tridon thermostat that's right for your vehicle and upgrade your cooling system with our vast range of coolant hoses,cooling fans and components and water pumps to ensure your cooling system is ready for anything you dish out. Come in to a Repco store near you or shop online to browse the best range of cooling system components from Dayco and hit the road with confidence.

Thermostat Housing Gasket