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Tridon Radiator Cap 20 PSI - 135 KPa Metal Bayonet - CN20135

SKU: A1218220

$24 each

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  • CN Series Cap
  • 20 PSI, 135 KPA Pressure Rating
  • Non Recovery Style Cap
  • Single Seal
  • Standard Bayonet Connection, Metal Cap

Trust Tridon caps to keep the fluids in and the dirt and dust out.

Fluids are the lifeblood of any vehicle and whether it be fuel, oil or coolant, they are vital for the continued running of your car, 4WD, heavy commerical or motorbike. Keeping those liquids in place is where a simple, safe and effective cap comes into play and this is where Tridon stand out. Manufacturing a range of replacement fuel caps, oil caps and radiator caps to fit the widest variety of vehicles and applications, you can be assured of finding the right cap to suit.

As simple as they look, the fluid caps on your car are all designed for their specific application and have a range of features and specifications that ensure your vehicle is safe and roadworthy. Whether it be the correct radiator cap that maintains the right cooling system pressure, through to vented fuel caps that can release fuel pressure build up, it is about ensuring you have the right cap for the job and as the manufacturer intended. Fuel caps also come in a range of locking and non-locking types so you can have the added security that your vehicle or fuel won't be tampered with when you lock up with these caps. Tridon also range oil caps that replace your OE cap to ensure a tight oil seal to your engine and stop potentially hazardous oil leaks.

Tridon manufacture their fluid caps to the same design as OEM so you can maintain the original look of your vehicle. Keep your vehicle in roadworthy condition and insist on a the following quality Tridon caps -

Browse and shop online using our handy rego search tool to identify the correct fluid cap for your application or come in store today and speak to one of our friendly staff about supplying the right Tridon cap for your vehicle.

Pressure Scale
20PSI/ 135KPa
Non Recovery